Team Dark SA2 Edition

A Skin Mod for Sonic Heroes

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V 1.1 7mo
  • Addition Added randomizers, fixed bugs.
Updated dependencies 7mo Addition

Ever felt like Heroes looked alright, but that the characters just looked like cheap plastic? This mod looks to begin rectifying this by bringing back Shadow and Rouge's old models from Sonic Adventure 2, as well as styling Omega to look a bit like he's from there as well. Not only were the models imported, but their animations from SA2 were painstakingly brought over as well using an .saanim .json importer/exporter I made with some edited and even completely custom anims to fill in gaps for what didn't exist in that game. 

...oh, yeah and there's also that. This mod includes ALL variants of these characters from SA2 Dreamcast and SA2: Battle. Everything is here. All of the holiday costumes, all of the alternate costumes, alternate characters, and even some custom edits for fun. Enjoy the characters in the style you want them in. Perfect for a romp through a particularly Radical Highway.

Do note that this WILL likely break all ingame story cutscenes. Not a lot that could be done with that one without utterly breaking them in some way or another.

Last minute revision to fix ingame character selection. Select different teams by setting binds in reloaded's input tab for "Back", "A", "B, "X", "Y","LB", and the DPAD inputs. Press the combinations at any point with the game loaded to change the team that loads, although bear in mind you must refresh the area by going to a new level or reloading the menu to see changes.
Teams can be customized through the configuration tool (bottom right with SA2 Style Team Dark selected), but by default are as folllows:

Back + A: SA2B style team default
Back + B: Super team
Back + X: DC w/ Eggwalker
Back + Y: GC Alternate
Back + DUP: Alt Characters
Back + DRight: Custom Team 1 (may or may not have Big in an eggwalker on it)
Back + DDown: Custom Team 2
Back + DLeft: Randomizer (character)
Back + LB: Randomizer (team)

Credit to ItsEasyActually for explaining how to and converting player models to .nj
Credit to MainMemory for SAMDL for a few things that weren't easy to convert otherwise and for AnimJSONConverter
Credit to Sewer56lol for Heroes Freecam so I could take fancy screenshots

Note: This mod requires the Reloaded Mod Loader:
 as well as the TONER mod:
to function.

Known Bugs: On models with custom animations, effects and placement for this may be strange. Some of this is fixable and some of it's not. However what is fixable would require an incredible amount of work due to the process of fixing it, so I figured it might be nicer for people to be able to try it anyways since none of it hurts gameplay. 
The team customizer does not currently load in saved animation sets though it DOES save them correctly.


  • Anonymous
    Looks phenomenal, will there be more skins than there are in the current release in the final version? 
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  • lemmingscanfly avatar
    lemmingscanfly Joined 2y ago
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    Pretty litty my man.
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Key Authors
ItsEasyActually Joined 1y ago
657 points Ranked 43129th
Converted and explained how to convert ninja models with rigging.
MainMemory Joined 2y ago
12,132 points Ranked 455th
25 medals 2 legendary 7 rare
  • Created a Mod Installer Medal icon
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Created SAMDL and fixed it up to export static SA2 stuff which saved lots of time
Sewer56lol Joined 2y ago
3,774 points Ranked 2062nd
9 medals 1 legendary
  • Created a Mod Installer Medal icon
  • One month a member Medal icon
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  • Returned 100 times Medal icon
  • 6 months a member Medal icon
  • Received thanks 5 times Medal icon
Generally helpful throughout and made the awesome Heroes Freecam for screenshots


Shadowth117 avatar
Shadowth117 Joined 12mo ago
871 points Ranked 41396th
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