The Knuckles "Joesph Joestar" "Edit" Ver 3.5

A Skin Mod for Sonic Mania


  • BugFix The version with the shoryuken mod is now fix, but you can still change it back to the spin dash with the instructions in the 3.0 updates.
Version 3.5 7d
  • Improvement Edited the Sprite Bin to allow the hat sprite to be bigger
  • Tweak The Beard Sprite is edited to have a outline just like Old Joseph
  • Adjustment The Cloth is changed to have the "anime" palette but due to the true color palatte being in a mod pack, the color is now pink
  • Overhaul The version with the shoryuken mod that is By Soda Magaiver now will mess up the spin dash in parts of the stages

Edit 3:with some help from the Knuckles OVA Mod byBendy(Fan Developer), I edited the sprites myself and remake the mod with the hat sprite being full. 

Warning: the shoryuken mod that is By Soda Magaiver now will mess up the spin dash in parts of the stages, so I created a version without the mod, also if you still have the version with the shoryuken mod but you know how to changes the file bin, you can go to Data\Sprites\Players and remove the Knux.bin and rename the Knux(Jumping Spinning).bin to the new Knux.bin to easily turn it into the version without the mod. 

I've also still had the PS files for the non-index versions of the sprites of Knuckles with the beard and I can remove it anytime so if you want the version where it's without the beard and cloth(AKA the Knuckles OVA mod), ask me

Version 3.0 11d
As of this mod, it's started as a thought when I watch JOJO for the longest time, but then think about Sonic, then the greatest thought happen, what if Knuckles is JOJO??

And then I really wanted to do it, but after learning how to mod 101, I must find a way to add the colors I wanted for him, but then I give up and used the color that is in Sonic Mania. After thinking about it, I've give up trying to make it happen then, a old friend of mine who is a leader of a Discord army called the Knuckles Army(I later become the new leader with The Ocelot & Knuck Army(Peace Maker) but this is not important to this story but fuck it) who really wanted that idea to happen, and so to my best in PS, I make Knuckles Joestar happen, but didn't know mostly about making the pixel right until I got into Mugen which is far into the future so the hat will randomly looks more like a bad sizing problem in PS other than a good pixel resizing image. I'll fix it later on in my life but I don't really know if I'm really into this anymore, but if anyone want to add the black outlining on Knuckles beard to look more like a beard, go for it, I've stopped being interested in Sonic Mania and just post anything that I've FULLY edited in Sonic Mania, the others is just other mods from others mixed into one mod pack so I'm not releasing that.

So yea, enjoy this old "masterpiece" , but I'm planning to fix a few thing about it as I've the last piece of interest into revisiting Sonic Mania (originally, at my final days with Sonic Mania in the past few months, I've plan to fix the OVA Knuckles Hat into this mod as I've also used the same sprite that mod also used, but after returning to this modding place, it's not even completed yet so I can't mix both together and give the most credits to Bendy(Fan Developer), so I've been putting the hat into the sprites and looks like it's stupidly put in without any good plan, so I'm leaving this mod open to anyone to edited it(unless it's not allowed in Gamebanana, so fuck it)

Also forgot to say this is created to be a stupid joke but later try to make it better then later just give up because of how I've stopped caring about Sonic Mania for that past months

Edit: This Mod is mostly for an older version of Sonic Mania, so RIP Plus
Edit 2: Man, I forgot about the shoryuken mod(By Soda Magaiver) that I've used for Knuckles Hermit Purple, thanks Soda, link to it is right here:
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Half Sprite Author
Creator Of The Hat Sprite
Link To Sprite
Author of Another Mod
Soda Magaiver
Soda Magaiver Joined 1y ago
Sprite Editer for the Shoryuken Mod, In This Mod
Link To His Mod
Bendy(Fan Developer)
Bendy(Fan Developer) Joined 10mo ago
914 points Ranked 5801st
Beginning Creator of the OVA Knuckles Mod
Link to their Mod(WIP)
Original Sprites(From the OVA Knuck Page as I've used the mod)
Sprite idle
ThomasandSonicYT Sprite Glide
Sprite Glide


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Development Info

I've used PS(as I've said in the main body of text)
and that's it, used the copy and paste thing and use folders to make it a mod


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