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Super Hedgehogs

A Skin Mod for Sonic Adventure 2

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Version 1.8 3d
  • Overhaul Customization options have been added to the mod. Super Sonic and Super Shadow can be enabled/disabled via the mod loader.
  • Addition Super Sonic with his classic shoes is now an option available for Sonic
  • Addition Dying by ring loss will cause Super Sonic/Shadow to revert to their normal forms. This does not affect gameplay
  • Addition Depending on the configuration settings, Super Sonic and Super Shadow will appear on the 2P Battle screen
  • Addition An optional "Hyper Sonic" and "Hyper Shadow" texture mod is now included. This only applies for the FinalHazard fight
  • Removal DC Super Hedgehogs is no longer a separate mod. Please delete it, as all of its features are now incorporated into the main mod
  • BugFix A bug where DC Super Shadow's arms would disappear during the in-level scenes has been fixed
Version 1.5 10mo Adjustment Addition Version 1.2 1y Addition Version 1.1 1y BugFix
Reuploaded for hopefully the last time, this mod replaces Sonic and Shadow's models with their Super forms, complete with different running animations, new effects, upgrades, and UI elements. Their Dreamcast Super forms are also included, as are the alternate costume sets for both characters.


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  • GGSonicMan avatar
    GGSonicMan Joined 4mo ago
    access_time 4mo
    I love the super Hedgehog’s mod but for some reason version 1.5 is having some bugs with the Super Forms V2 mod by electronuke all of super sonic’s animations are gone and are just the regular running animations and his ending animation is also the same as regular sonic I don’t know why this happens it also removes knuckles running animations although i dont think thats part of the super hedgehogs mod
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  • Julesmateo avatar
    Julesmateo Joined 6mo ago
    access_time 6mo
    Hey man awesome work on this mod! I was wondering (never modded anything before) how one would go about removing the sonic half of this mod? I absolutely love the shadow UI and the shadow mod itself! I have a hyper Sonic UI/ mod I’m using and this mods Sonic is blocking it. I know it’s probably a long shot but if you could maybe get back to me on how it would be done I’d seriously really appreciate it! Thank you! -J
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  • SnowballThePuppy avatar
    SnowballThePuppy Joined 1y ago
    213 points Ranked 55249th
    access_time 7mo
    I don't know if you know this, but you accidentally disabled super sonic's floating animation in the newest update. If it isn't too much to ask, could you please fix it? It's actually quite distracting especially since shadow still has it. Please and thank you! <3
    • Agree x 1
    The only thing perfect is you.
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  • megatails avatar
    megatails Joined 1y ago
    509 points Ranked 45491st
    access_time 10mo
    I know the super sonic and super shadow textures are part of the existing models, but would be possible to recreate those shiny textures on other characters?
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  • FalconRPG avatar
    FalconRPG Joined 3y ago
    1,765 points Ranked 21175th
    7 medals 1 rare
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    access_time 10mo
    Ever plan on making a "50 rings" version?
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    Stuck with this icon
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  • access_time 1y
    The download is for version 1.0 how do i download version 1.2?
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  • AoM avatar
    AoM username pic Joined 13y ago
    Ripe Supporter AC:NL Manager UT2k4 Manager SN Manager Admin
    Likely Asleep
    61,656 points Ranked 65th
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    AoM avatar
    Modboy Dev
    access_time 1y
    You need to list your contribution in the credits/authors list.
    Thar be snow. avatar
    Thar be snow.
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  • ElectroNuke avatar
    ElectroNuke Joined 2y ago
    997 points Ranked 27532nd
    access_time 1y
    Looks excellent! Any progress with Dreamcast Eggman?

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  • access_time 1y can I put the 2P costumes over their default gameplay models again? like for story mode and so on? without codes? Unless you can make a 2p Costume over default sonic and shadow pack that is...
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Key Authors
End User
End User Joined 2y ago
Converted the original mod to work with SA2 PC
Original Authors
ItsEasyActually Joined 2y ago
753 points Ranked 42481st
Creator of the mod's first ever release
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MainMemory Joined 2y ago
14,528 points Ranked 390th
29 medals 3 legendary 7 rare
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  • 30 submissions featured Medal icon
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Creator of the SA Tools modding package


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