CSO Hands Re-animations (Alpha)

A Skin Mod for Half-Life: Opposing Force

Yay Shitty content...

So, if you don't know about A long year ago before I broke my notebook, im planning on making A CSO hands reanims pack for Opposing force, I've worked on some of them, they are finished, and after that I broke my notebook, and on April 2018, I've got my Notebook fixed, and i've continued on the project, only few days, and, suddenly its ceased, for A stupid reason... I just never got the time to continue on making it, mainly, because, I've been wanted making 2 new projects, that took me 2 months to make it, The first one is Cthulhu N'sane Pack, and the Second one is They Hunger N'sane Pack
Why? because, I only do the project at free times...

And, since im Actually pausing this project for too long, I just feel uncomfortable, I want to continue on it, but because of tired, lazy and dumb boy am I, Im just too lazy to continue on it...

BUT, I can try to slowly updating this Skin, hopefully... HOPEFULLY I can update it

I suggest using Opfor CSO hands pack, there must be here, Install that skin first then this one
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Add 357 Revolver into the pack Add Crossbow Into the pack Add Hornet gun into the pack Add... Penguin? Add Gauss into the pack Add EVERY single weapons that hasn't been finished yet (except barnacle, and Shock)
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    some of the weapons should probably be scaled down,  especially the mk2 grenade and what im pretty sure is an m9 bayonet.

    Realistically grenades are pretty small, mk2 grenade being about 11 and a half cm tall.

    And if the knife is an  m9 bayonet, then it should be 30 cm in length

    if you can somehow get those scaled properly or something idk
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    The Satchel needs fixing its really broken, And it needs the Radio for the Satchel. Overall the animations are really good.


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    Actually feels much realistic than the default ones .. a bit too rushy and sudden like the RPG draw. I loved the shotgun, beretta, displacer, and the snark (especially when you slap it xd)

    Improving overall .. Still a bit robotic and sudden but feels better than the defaults :D
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Key Authors
Sleeve model, the worst animator
Weapon models
Original Authors
Hands model
Special Thanks


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Development Info

MS3D used to made the anims, someone told me in ModDB to make this pack, and I can't finish it, Im sorry


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Just use it, I don't even care anymore, I only makes the animations, its not that awesome


Development State


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