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Kyle's Scout First Person Animation Pack V1

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

A new First Person Re-Animation Pack for the Scout

This is version 1, I will update this at some point later if necessary.

I recommend using a viewmodel fov of 60 - 70 for these animations

Installation and other information can be found in the READ ME file in the zip folder

Thanks and enjoy!



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  • 9hr
    Someone with no life
  • 8d
    X__ avatar
    X__ Joined 1y ago
    240 points Ranked 16938th
    Really good animations, I look forward to using them and seeing you improve them, I'm not to good with constructive criticisms but the most I can say is that I think they look pretty freakin' cool
  • 9d
    LiTPixel avatar
    LiTPixel username pic Joined 3y ago
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    LiTPixel avatar
    105th Inc. Flag
    105th Inc.
    These animations are amazing, but I feel uncomfortable with the Scattergun reload. Can you have an optional change for the reload?
    beta is a lie
  • 9d
    finally someone that's not papyrus is making fp mods, keep up the good work
  • 10dEdited 10d
    As a request, for the melee crit animation, could you make it so he swings it with two arms? (might be a problem with the Sandman)
  • 10d
    Now whit improventment on my exellent boston man, i can kill enemys even faster!

    - rate - 11/11

    becouse i dont know

  • 10dEdited 10d
    _Dj avatar
    _Dj Joined 21d ago
    200 points Ranked 19294th
    Looks good!

    To add on:

    I feel like the Bat swing is a bit weak, and I find the recoil of the guns a bit weird. You knocked the Force of Nature out of the park however!
    I main Lucas and Heavy
  • 10d
    Stylish_ avatar
    Stylish_ Joined 2y ago
    552 points Ranked 8677th
    Damn dude! I really like them.
    I would say more, but i saw that some people have already gave you the feedback i would actually give to you, so, anything more than what has been said, it's overall amazing, i loved the touch on the animations that reflect The Scout's personality.


    This Just ain't right
  • 11dEdited 9d
    I like it but there are stuff that I feel iffy about

    1.the pistol reload, its good that you didn't do the spin thing because I feel like its been overused but the way you make your own reload anim for the pistol needs a little bit of work because I don't think it fits the scout and I think its bad, my solution would be to take inspiration from the engi pistol reload and combine it with your own because the only problem I had was how the scout just shook off the magazine so making a few adjustments would make it better(to me atleast)

    2.the scattergun shooting and draw animations feel weird its feels like its not a gun more like bad and fake recoil from a bad movie, to me the solution would be to give the draw a little bit more weight feel so that it doesn't feel weird and to take a good look at paysus' old scout anims as well as tf2's own reload anims and make a reload anim from what you have see.

    3.the bat draw and swing lacks force and looks weak reworking it would it improve it IMO

    4.The FaN draw, everything I said about the scattergun draw is the same to what I say to the FaN draw to save me time.

    5.The Bonk! draw giving it a spin horizontally would give it flair and would improve it IMO

    6.The Milk shoot I'm fine with it as it is but giving it a draw like the scout is actually throwing it would give it flair but its just my opinion

    I hope you take into consideration everything I said, I am not hating on your FPS animation I actually think its good but there are somethings that bug and prevent me from using it because I like the things you see in tf2 every little detail so saying a few words might inspire the creator to improve and make this mod better so please again take what I said into consideration and I hope you all the best of days

    I don't know stuff
  • 11d
    [NGU]GOKU avatar
    [NGU]GOKU Joined 10mo ago
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    great job


    Yo mama
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Original Authors
Creating Sourcefilmaker
Special Thanks
Inspiration and uploading animation tutorial


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_kyle Joined 13d ago
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