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Kanna for Snarks

A Skin Mod for Half-Life

If you have moddb, you should have known this.
I reupload my kanna for snark from moddb, with some little differences
Moddb -> has no sounds
Gamebanana -. has A sounds


Its kanna from Kanna kamui miss Kobayashi's drago maid, and its replaces snarks... thats it. animated using Milkshape 3D (If you find out that this addon disturbs you please refrain from downloading it)

I found this model on moddb, on Sven - Coop addon posted by brunohf2, and for some unknown reason, I wanted to make A skin for A snark

I don't really know who really created this model, but is it from SFM model? If you know who created this and ported this please comment down below.

This is the description and link of the Kanna addon for Sven Coop on moddb:

"This is a collection of player models gathered from various sites for Sven Coop 5.0. Unlike the other pack on here, these were made for the new animations that 5.0 uses, so no broken animations."

It also has A sound as well, taken from some of Kanna Kamui episodes (My God What have I done)


WARNING: I have to warn you this model has over 50000 polys and may can drop your FPS rate, especially when you drop the snark too much or meet them on squad it may affect your FPS rate.

Please Correct me on the credits, plz if you can?



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    50K polygons is bad enough for a GoldSrc model, but a Snark one which is a weapon that makes multiples is just absurd and of course the FPS is going to tank.   I'm severely disappointed that something that affects your fps was given "Today's Pick".

    I have nothing against porting, but at least take the effort to optimize especially something this heavy on polycount.


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    That's Wicked.


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  • Today's Pick Jun 18 2018


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