Team RWBY Volume 2 Outfit Pack

A Skin Mod for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)

After almost 3 months of work i'm finally able to present to you my versions of team RWBY's alternate outfits (which they have worn in Volume 2 , chapter 3 & 4).

I chose these outfits, because i wanted to sharpen up my 3D modeling & texturing skills focusing on the topic: "Clothing", before i move on with more difficult models / projects. I'm really happy with the results & i hope you like them too ^^ I'm just so glad that i can finally share them with you. (Yang was definitely the hardest one to make x) )

This pack includes:

- Ruby Rose in her "Slayer" outfit
- Weiss Schnee in her "SnowPea" outfit (Marth & Lucina version)
- Blake Belladonna in her "Intruder" outfit (+ alternate Faunus version)
- Yang Xiao Long in her "Hunter" outfit (+ alternate Semblence version with hair glow*)

Every skin has:

- UI elements (chr00/11/13 & Stock icon) matching the pose of their default mods
- metal models
- expressions
- custom TexId's
- 8 Player versions (greatly decreased textures files)
- WiFi compatibility
- Nameplates (default Smash 4 font)**
- Voice files**

* I purposely made the semblence version different looking from the one in my default Yang mod, because i especially wanted to make it look like her when she fought Roman in Vol2 ch4

** These files are exactly the same as the ones i used in their default mods

If you get any errors or bugs with this pack or if i messed up somewhere, pls tell me & i'll try to help as good as i can.

If you want to know what's coming next or if you are interested in seeing any updates or progress pics, be sure to check out my Twitter @Dakavos

Have fun ^^
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    I put the Wii U into storage and stepped away from the modding scene not long after I updated my music pack...thank you for the reminder of why I was so excited to jump in in the first place.

    Alas, I don't think I'm gonna get it back up and running anytime soon--admittedly, my Switch and college work have eaten up all my time--but regardless, this looks like a stellar mod. Great job, man!
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    "Mihi Cura Futuri"
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    I always wondered if you were going to add other costumes for the RWBY characters, nice to see that you are.
    Release the mods you have
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Key Authors
3D models / textures / model import / UI files & renders
Original Authors
Monty Oum
Original character / outfit design
Rooster Teeth / Rooster Teeth Games
Parts of the models & textures
Lindsay Jones
Voice actress (Ruby)
Kara Eberle
Voice actress (Weiss)
Arryn Zech
Voice actress (Blake)
Barbara Dunkelman
Voice actress (Yang)


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