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Linkle Mod and Bow

A Skin Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


Voice & Expressions Update
  • Improvement Voice added, expressions added.
Voice added, expressions added.
Initial Release
  • BugFix Stretching fix, base model fix, less clipping, loc fix.
She now looks normal without any armor equipped and stretching is fixed. Less clipping and loc fix.
My Linkle mod is finished, I might add updates in the future. xD Enjoy~

  • Bow is over Royal Halberd. It's a spear.
  • Linkle's body is over Link's model.
  • Linkle's armor is over the Hylian Set.
  • Includes dyable armor colors.
  • Voice and Expressions have been added.

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  • 2d
    bluedart avatar
    bluedart Joined 13d ago
    Fun mod!  I wanted to try a female Link mod for a new play-through on Wii U for the first time, and this mod, along with a few others to make it more realistic, worked great with SDCafiine on my actual Wii U!

    All right, I'm about 460 koroks in, and I've gotta tell you there are just a few improvements I would definitely like.  It appears most actions tend to have about 4 voice clips associated with them, for certain actions, like a two-handed swing, or hopping on the motorcycle/a horse the original Link voice is used.  It's super-weird to have Linkle voices for most things and then to randomly get a Link voice.  You could just take one of the clips you already have and put it over those, I'm sure it'll be fine.

    The other thing is two of the outfits you designed.  I'm really glad you personally made the snowquill outfit and sheikah outfit fit her, as they're quite useful outfits and I wear them a lot.  I would like to dye them, but whenever they are dyed any color the snowquill outfit has some improper textures on it which stick out like an eyesore, which makes me revert them to white.  The sheikah outfit apparently doesn't use the transparency I've seen on other outfits properly, and simply dyes the "skin" color to some other color.  Also, this skin color doesn't match Linkle's normal skin color either.  Weird.

    Anyway, great mod and I'll probably finish the rest of this run with this installed.  Thanks.
  • 10dEdited 8d
    I have an issue where my game crashes whenever I fast travel to the tower in Central Hyrule Field (as well as the shrine closest to it). I haven't tested every fast travel location, but that was the only area it crashed on me. The other shrine fast travel points in Central Hyrule Field seemed to be fine. The only mods I have are the Linkle ones you created and the Magic Armor mod, which I did not equip when I fast traveled. It has crashed on me while I equipped Linkle's Hyrule Warriors armor, her snow armor, and the Sheikah armor. I'm not sure why the game is crashing. It only crashes when I fast travel, not when I travel on foot to that area.

    I tested the issue, and it seems that her snow armor and Elite Sheikah armor is causing the issue.
  • 11d

    i was wondering if anybody would be able to help me with this issue? i have the most recent cemu build 1.12.0 and the updated botw and dlc but for some reason when i put this mod in after the update i can't see it in the inventory? it works perfectly fine in game just the inventory screen blacks out the whole thing

  • 12d
    jayra avatar
    jayra Joined 27d ago
    My costume colors are completely different from the one's in the pictures and the video above? Is there a reason for that or did I do something wrong? I'm using SD Caffiine on Wii U.
  • 2mo
    mastermind004 avatar
    mastermind004 Joined 2mo ago
    295 points Ranked 14255th
    This is a great mod, just woundering is it possible to change the ingame text to say linkle instead of link, or is that not possible or to hard to do at this time.
  • 2moEdited 2mo
    Meidyan avatar
    Meidyan Joined 7y ago
    i think you need to fix the legs when she not using any bottom
    the legs shape still using Default Link Legs with Underwear/Panties :3
    anyway, Great mods!
  • 2mo
    after installing this i got huge input lag. any ideas what the problem could be? texture packs are working fine and im not using any other mod.
  • 2moEdited 2mo
    i love this mod so much!!! thank you so much for making it <3 it's been wonderful to finally play as a female link in a zelda game! i can't wait to see what you do next :D

    I do have one suggestion however. if you wanted to allow for abit more customization in clothing options and didn't want to edit all the outfits (not that i'd be complaining i'd love that with ALL OF MY HEART~!!! but i understand it would be alot of time before that happens). Linkle's legs fit most if not all the shirts but they poke out through the front. if you moved them back a smidge she could wear almost all of links shirts and tunics in the game while having her boots. there's a bit of a gap in between her legs and the back of link's shirts anyways so it could totally work and most of the tunics look like skirts anyways :D (course then she'd have a flat chest but add on her hood and you can't tell the difference :3)

  • 2mo
    When i have no armor equipped on the legs, the mesh and texture of link and linkle seem to collide, and it looks really wierd. Is this a problem with my game or something?
  • 2moEdited 2mo
    DonnieV avatar
    DonnieV Joined 6mo ago
    391 points Ranked 11433rd
    I'm really interested in playing this mod, but I'm unfamiliar with the Zelda folder structure on SDCaffiine for Wii U.



    Thanks SimonDKiller and thanks OP for this awesome mod


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lynard killer
lynard killer
lynard killer Joined 4mo ago
Bow Model


lynard killer avatar
lynard killer Joined 4mo ago

lynard killer
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