The spycrab war paint

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

As you can probably notice, this is my first war paint (and workshop submission) ever made. It has some rough edges, but luckily, they are not so noticeable.

If you don't want the Dovetail skin been skin replaced, try to follow these steps (I live in USSR, so please forgive me my English and typos):

. You need to install GCFScape. Also, you can install VTFedit. It can help in the process.

2. Open and choose the skin you want to replace.

 Attention: try choosing skin with only one solid part (these parts contain "solid_" in file names) and 2 parts, that change their color in different teams (these parts contain "_red" or "_blu" in file names) because I designed my skin as a multiclass, that has only one pattern, that stays in both team variations.

3. Once you've chosen a skin to replace, you need to rename .vtf files in the mod. Click "change pattern" and use included in my mod .png files to find an optimal place for mod's skin parts to replace. Rename mod's skin parts.

Note: pay attention to workshop's skins, as they contain quite big numbers.

4. Open "tf" folder in your game directory and find tf2_textures_dir.vpk file.  Open it with GCFScape. In the opened window, open "materials" folder, then "patterns". Now, find the destination of skin parts you've chosen to replace. You can check skin parts with VTFedit.

5. Make a new path of folders in the mod folder and place skin parts as the original skin is placed in game's files.

Example: Dovetail's team-colored parts are placed in this directory: "\materials\patterns\workshop\smissmas_2017\180239814" and solid part is placed here: "materials\patterns". I'm creating this path of folders in mod's folder: "materials\patterns\workshop\smissmas_2017\180239814" and placing team-colored parts of my skin in "180239814" folder and the solid one in "patterns" folder.

Boom, you're done.
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    Backward ass install instructions, I don't see why you can't just rename the file at the root. You just clipped an image from a screenshot of the spy taunting, and even if you drew it perfectly and slapped it on there, the spycrabs and the spies are way too big and cumbersome.  Skins work best when they are a pattern of simple imagery, that way they can look good on any weapon. I can't imagine this being applied to the knife or any other melee weapon. I would suggest redesigning it, but if you can't or don't want to then downsize the spies and spycrabs and draw them.


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All work
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I did everything


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