Rei Ryghts HDD

A Skin Mod for Garry's Mod

Rei Ryghts HDD model

The original model was created and made by Florak Shalala on

Credits go to him accordingly for creating the model and allowing use.

I simply decompiled the model using Crowbar and have manually fixed the bone rigging in Blender to properly work in Garry's Mod by realigning and renaming the bones to their correct names. All credit goes to Florak Shalala.

I present to you Cyan Heart / Blue Heart Rei Ryghts' HDD model ported and usable as a playermodel / ragdoll for Garry's Mod.

There are a few notable bugs, however.
  • Face textures. Not sure why but in some angles, the face has a point where it appears inverted.
  • There is a slight gap between the bust and bustier. Hardly visible but noticeable at some points if you can bare with it.
  • The hand rigging is somewhat odd especially with certain weapons. My experience in Blender is poor so I'm not entirely sure how to fix this.
That should be it,

Have a nice day!
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Original Authors
Florak Shalala
Original author
Key Contributors
Modeler and bone rigging


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Development Info

I decompiled this model using Crowbar, afterwards opening the main files of it and make appropriate changes for it to work in Garry's Mod. (Opening .qc files in Notepad++ for editing the bone lines, renaming them accordingly to account engine changes etc. as well as then using Blender to formally fix the skeleton rig of the model manually to re-align all the bones properly.) The model still has a few issues which I have not been able to fix - namely that the face might be slightly inverted one point for some odd reason which I have not been able to figure out.

Secondly you might see a slight bit of clipping underneath the bust and bustier.
Lastly, hand rigging is still broken, no matter how much I touch it, no matter how much I try to fix the bonerigging, this model hates me for some reason. Nonetheless it is still a fully functional Garry's mod playermodel and every bone is rigged to work with it, including jigglebones for the hair.


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