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Blaze Mania

A Skin Mod for Sonic Mania


Sol Fire Blaze reveal
  • Addition the ???? on my wip is now reveal to be a new form for blaze called sol fire blaze
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advance cream release soon
  • Addition nearly finished rigging all the sprites and fixing there positions
  • Addition sprites have been added to the hud menus and save select screen
  • Addition nameplates finished and only now setting the blue sphere sprites now
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Leadingdemon Joined 1y ago
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Well after months  just in time for the holidays blaze mania is finally  having a full release  only thing that is missing however is a 3d model for the  emerald special stages  but if someone wants to do that and send it to me gladly give u credit honestly spent hours and days working on this glad to share it with everyone thanks for the support  everyone  but now time for me to take a break get some rest  but this is only the normal blaze mania i planed and have said i will release a custom version  2 in fact and i would like some help so i will be posting what i plan to add into the versions and if anyone wants to help me i be very appreciative of  that  so enjoy blaze mania  a lot of care and joy went into it and  for my first sprite mod im glad to got to experience making it 



hyper burning blaze
custom hud rush style
Cream the rabbit
Sol Fire Blaze



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Key Authors
Leadingdemon Joined 1y ago
873 points Ranked 5590th
modder and sprite maker
LJSTAR Joined 5mo ago
for ui and alot of help
BlueFalcon Joined 5mo ago
Home > Games > Sonic Mania
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for letting me use one his mods to be the base for the waveracer
MysteriousAeon Joined 5y ago
948 points Ranked 5192nd
for the sonic 3 sprite sheet used as my base for this mod
music composers music used
Mr Lange
before and after the sequel music
Hideki Naganuma
sonic rush music
Tomoya Ohtani
sonic rush adventure music
tee lopes
for the remaining sonic mania tracks i left in
euryoky (yt)
remixed sonic rush and rush adventure tracks
Cupcom5 (yt)
for sonic rush adventure deep core allegro remix
NicoCW (yt)
for some of the rush and advance remixed tracks
Falk Au Yeong
before and after the sequel music
Funk Fiction
before and after the sequel music
Andy Tunstall
before and after the sequel music
James Landino
before and after the sequel music
DJ Max-E
before and after the sequel music
Li Xiao'an
before and after the sequel music
Teruhiko Nakagawa
sonic rush music
Seirou Okamoto
sonic rush adventure music
Mariko Nanba
sonic rush adventure music
Special Thanks
cylent nite
for his sprites used in this mod
Leadingdemon Joined 1y ago
873 points Ranked 5590th
for the extra additional sprites made for this in the same style which is about half of them
sonic advance revamped team
main sprite icons and life icons also nameplate
for the advance 3 and advance 2 sprites


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Leadingdemon Joined 1y ago
873 points Ranked 5590th

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Development Info

so  what is it i want to add to this you might be asking well  much more  than u think here is my list  
1. rush and rush adventure stages  
i want to import and improve on stages from the rush series by making them in a way remixed  to fit sonic mania engine more 
2. eggman nega over eggman ,captain whiskers over heavy emperor and johnny over metal sonic 
3. 3D model for emerald special stages and  changing chaos emeralds to sol emeralds  in the special stages 
4.  Hyper Burning Blaze
5.maybe adding cream over  tails and marine over knuckles 
6. changing the full titile screen to match rush final and e3 beta screen 
7.voice clip for selecting blaze in the competition mode or time trials 
8. voice  for blaze that wont sound annoying when playing to hear lol
If anyone wants to help  message me please and let me know I know a lot of what I did was by myself  with just getting a bit of help or using someone else mod as a base but had used a lot of what people have made already then after making a lot of my own is something but I'm only one guy can't do everything by myself by the time I get to all this sonic might already have another 2 or 3 new games out lol so seriously anyone want to do this is just an idea to build on top of what i have made  being one of the first people to start modding this game I have learned so much and being I never done  sprite mod ever in my life i say I did an alright job 
Work in Progress
Blaze Mania
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