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Hey guys, here is the Speedbraker Sonic skin from the "Speed Brake 2: Battle Against the God of Chaos" I made for this movie montage. This goes for c02 Sonic. Hope you enjoy. 




  • 18d
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    This is to all newcomer that wants to leave a hateful comment if this skin keeps getting more hate then I just take it down and let you all enjoy the Seelkadoom mod. 

  • 18d
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    Just a guy with a gaint ego and a 5 year old mind wanting to get famous with a crappy OC 0/10
  • 19d
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    I just want to say that I flagged this because the personal logo-that is on your youtube and your GB profile pick- on the front (as well as naming it after yourself) did strike me as personalized and not intended for community use in any way. I had no intent to misuse the flagging system to harass you for your OC. You can do that all you want. :P

    As for some actual feedback now: 
    It's a good start, but it would be well worth it to soften the edges of those red lines if you are dead set on that color scheme. I'd tone down the saturation on those red lines too. The thin bolts on his chest area look a bit out of place, and the ones on his quills[?] seem to come out of nowhere. You could definitely make this into something neat.

    Just to clarify: I didn't elaborate too much since I wasn't entirely sure it was Personalization. Didn't want to start an argument so I just figured I would let someone else look at it.


    Trying to Prove Myself
  • 19d
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    Thanks to the admins for helping me with problem. 
  • 20d
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    What can I say? It's another sonic OC we've seen a thousand times on deviantart. The character art looks like it was made in MS paint, especially the red lines surrounding "sonic", and the picture clashes with high detail from the original sonic picture with painted over "OC" colour. 

    The file only comes with one chr file, even though you should expect by now to have all four chr files to come with modes like this; it's easy to do now that there are so many tutorials on making CHR files. 

    For some reason the file also include three different versions with no indication here or in a "readme.txt" file to tell us the difference between the three. And each file only comes with a "modle.nut", but no other model files. This makes it impossible to texID fix this skin if we want it not to be on c02 since we have to guess which sonic files you took from the game to make the skin.

    Finally, the skin itself looks average, I suppose. The colours work fine together without clashing, the textures aren't broken, and the colour palette works fine together (nothing about the skin makes me want to puke when I look at it). At the same time, though, the design seems random. There's this odd trend with "Sonic OCs" where you must put in the most random things you can imagine atop of Sonic and call it a "character design". The fact that his shoes match the colour and design of his fur doesn't mend well either, as I am constantly thinking his shoes are actually his feet, and that his toes magically disappeared.

    Good effort, and I'm all for having OC characters as mods, or at the very least allowing them to exist on Gamebanana, but the design overall is lackluster and the technical aspects of the mod really need to be updated to meet today's standards.



    Must Clobber That There Kirby


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Speed Brake 2: Battle Against the God of Chaos
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Original Creator of Speedbraker Sonic


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