Red Bird

A Skin Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Small update
  • Adjustment Slightly increased the size of the stock icons
  • Adjustment Adjusted volume of a few of the voice clips
  • Improvement Slightly edited materials so that it looks better on stages like Mario Galaxy and Midgar
  • Addition Added chr_10 (CSS icon)
  • Optimization Significantly reduced .nut filesizes
  • Tweak Updated readme

Red Slingshots into Battle!

This is my first actual model import (my old version of Red Bird was cancelled before it was finished) The model is a custom GMod model made by Mister Prawn and 1337gamer15, which I rigged over Jigglypuff. It was very easy to rig because I had to rig it to only one bone. However, I had to spend a lot of time editing the model because the eyebrows were very messy and I had to optimize the model to prevent the filesize from becoming too big.

This mod includes:
-Model (+7 recolors)
-UIs for default skin and recolors (by Dekanai)
-4 nameplates (Red and Red Bird in SSB4 nameplate and Angry Birds font)
-Voice (uses SFX from Angry Birds, Angry Birds Fight and Angry Birds Epic)
-Metal model
-2 victory themes (victory fanfares from Angry Birds)
-Series icon and results screen icon (Red Bird silhouette)
-CSS icon

cX0: Red (default)
cX1: The Blues
cX2: Chuck
cX3: Bomb
cX4: Matilda
cX5: Hal
cX6: Bubbles
cX7: Stella

Instructions on how to add the series icon:
Put the mark files in their respective folder in data/ui/replace/mark and the m_fighter folder in data_(region)/ui/result/mark/model. In the ui_character_db.bin, go to Entry[46] and change the number at the right to the row with a 4 to 706
DO NOT use Cuyler's CSS editor for this because it changes it to the wrong number (707 instead of 706).
The series icon replaces m_fighter which is an otherwise unused icon but if you already replaced m_fighter you can rename the filenames of the icon.

Please contact me if there are any issues with the mod.
If the model is completely red in-game please do not message me about that. This can be fixed by using Munomario and Zarklord's Mass TexID Fix.

Feel free to include this in your modpack as long as you credit me in the GameBanana submission (and don't forget to also credit Dekanai for the UI)


The splash card is made by NintenWorld (

Some Angry Birds .nus3banks:
The Mighty League Anthem (Angry Birds)
Fight and Flight! (Angry Birds 2)
You Call THAT a Stick? (Angry Birds Epic)
King Pig and his Manic Minions (Angry Birds Epic)
Boss Theme (Angry Birds Space)
Duel of the Fates (Angry Birds Star Wars II)
Autobirds, Roll Out! (Angry Birds Transformers)




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Key Authors
Model import, model edits, rigging, UI injection, voicepack, recolors
Original Authors
Mister Prawn & 1337gamer15
Creator of Red Bird model
Dekanai avatar R&D5 Flag
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14 medals 1 rare
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Ripping and optimization of the model
Member Joined 5mo
Splash card


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