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A Skin Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6

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Version 1.1
  • Texture improvements
> The GSG9's camo helmet was changed to a black one
> SAS texture has been replaced by a black one
> Some GIGN's and GSG9's chrome parts have been replaced by black parts 
> The word "POLICE" on the GIGN's arm was corrected (however the arm texture is only one so the word on one of the arms will remain inverted. I decided to put the correct one on the left arm becouse that arm is Always stretched forward unlike the right arm. There was also an alternative to removing the script but, in my opinion, it's more enjoyable with it ;)
> The tga files have been modified in the appropriate images
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I like to improve the default skins so i created these for personal use, but a few days ago i decided to share them. I hope this pack will be appreciated by people who like default models retexture.

In the rar file there are: tga files, ct players and defuse kit models.

If you have any suggestions on skins or tga files write it in the comments ;)



  • 7dEdited 7d
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    Nice Style DUDE :x look more fresh
    Empty World
  • 8dEdited 8d
    Add new images to the selection screen as these are strange and remove Hands bug.
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  • 10d
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    One of the best retextures for player models I have seen so far.
    So much details in a default models is so exciting.

    Awesome work!!


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    Preserving The Word
  • 11dEdited 11d
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    Wow, STILL COLD~ that is hands down the best reskin I've seen! And that is coming from someone who never used player skins - mostly because they are performance hog or they simply don't fit into blocky 1.6. But you nailed it! Pretty stellar job for your own personal skin pack. As it was mentioned by others, I feel that SAS doesn't fit into this pack completely. Maybe because I've fixed that there are 3 blue CT skins and 1 dark green (URBAN). Personally, I think it would look great if you took more of a classic approach, maybe something like this. But you are the artist here, that is just my 2 cents. If I was reeeealy nitpicking, the preview images looks kinda tacky. Not really the whole image, just that black grungy frame thingy. Just plain-old image would suffice. Don't take this as complaint, I'm not your boss and I appreciate you shared the skins with us, but those are my initial points. It's neat you also included defuse kit and bomb skin. Thanks again for making and sharing these, I'll keep using them and if I spot any issues I'll post here. I'll also post some minor feedback about your T skins once I'll put in some hours. Hope you wouldn't mind :)
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    Yo mama is Bananite
  • 13d
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    The camo on the S.A.S doesn't really fit in this pack.. I do like his gas mask. Nicely done ! but again not sure if you can find a better uniform to suit his mask. 


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  • 14d
    Could you put the S.A.S with a black color?
  • 14d
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    very good, I like the new vest on GSG9. The camo helm does not make sense though. Since the guy is with NYPD now, a dark grey/blue helmet would match the uniform better.


    Tin Foil Hit Man
  • 14dEdited 14d
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    Complicated Inc.
    I really see potential in you! You earned my sub ;) however, something's kinda wrong with the GIGN reskin. The patch on his left arm had the word police reversed though.


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    Liberty City is my city


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