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A big overhaul on Flowey The Flower

A Skin Mod for M.U.G.E.N


St. Patricks Day Variant
  • Overhaul Voiceclips changed to Jacksepticeye which results in intro changes.
  • Addition Every time Flowey gets hit. Coins go out.
  • Removal 2 intros removed since he's not exactly the original Flowey and the fact that I can't find good voice replacements.
  • Addition Pellets are now red/pink coins. so when you pinch him, they pinch back.
  • Addition 4 leaf clover replaces the sprites of spike
  • Addition Bombs/nukes are now horseshoes.
You can find it in the alternate file sources section.
Update Version 3 Possible Final Version
  • Tweak Command changes.
  • Improvement Some new animations.
  • Addition Dirt Particles for the floor.
  • Addition A "crouch taunt" of his laugh.
  • Addition The taunt, not only has 2 more faces, but has this fade effect done on the face thanks to Oliver.
  • Addition Another thing Oliver added while fixing things are specific winquotes when winning with the level 3 hypers.
  • Removal Removed 2 pixel errors I haven't noticed until I started a collab.
  • BugFix Fixed Vegetoid's quote not muting if skipping to the battle. (Pain sound not included.)
  • Refactor The fast pellet now aims at the opponent's current position.
  • Addition New moves: Friendliness PelEX, Vines, and Vine EX.
  • Feature Those bombs/nukes WILL hurt your team,so to make sense why Flowey hids himself underground.
  • Feature A 2nd version that's like the UNDERTALE character style, which basicly takes out the "Derpy Sponge" style if people prefer the regular UNDERTALE formula.
A few more in the readme, cause I feel like some aren't that important and what not.


Note: The video you see here is an older version of this edit.

This is my first edit of a character in MUGEN
, it took me about 3 months to improve this character, there are somethings I don't like about this character, but otherwise I'm pretty proud on how it came out! I used whatever I can, but hopefully it's good enough for all of you. Changes are like:

-Compatibility for WINMUGEN. (Well, not anymore as you need to remove code mentioned in the readme.)
-Palettes are changed a bit.
-Some extra palettes.
-2 new moves and hyper moves.
-Extra sounds.
-New hitsparks.
-1 recoded hyper move.
-A 2nd style that can be accessed through the .def file. (Incase it didn't make it in the .def file, replace cns = flowey.cns and st = flowey.cns with  cns = floweyUT.cns and st = floweyUT.cns)
-And more in it's readme.

Hope you enjoy!


Alternate File Sources


  • 11mo
    Nice edit, Derpy Sponge!
    Although, can I suggest that you balance out the power of the supers?
    The friendliness pellets when used in air and up close to the opponent drains all their health away.
    When it's used on the ground, it takes away a massive amount anyways. 
    I feel that the bombs could be a tad bit nerfed.
    And the Photoshop Flowey super does around half of an average character's health.
    Can you please fix this in a future update?

    Many thanks!
    - OverHillDreams
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Key Authors
TheSpongeThatMods Joined 1y ago
660 points Ranked 7431st
Editing this character.
Original Authors
Oddish sTUFF
Made the original character.
Toby Fox
Created UNDERTALE and Flowey
Oliver As Latias avatar
Oliver As Latias username pic Joined 3y ago
901 points Ranked 5637th
18 medals 1 legendary 2 rare
  • Returned 5000 times Medal icon
  • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
  • Submitted 50 Sounds Medal icon
  • One month a member Medal icon
  • Submitted 10 Sounds Medal icon
  • 6 months a member Medal icon
Making the Vortex portrait,Lifebar_MA portraits,some sprites, fixing, a special intro, 1 (and the only) palette suggestion, the new portrait, and win portrait.
The 14th Doctor avatar
The 14th Doctor username pic Joined 2y ago
MUGEN Manager PPT Manager
9,571 points Ranked 492nd
28 medals 5 legendary 5 rare
  • 15+ Entries! GameBanana’s Christmas Giveaway 2016 Medal icon
  • Returned 5000 times Medal icon
  • Submitted 100 Sounds Medal icon
  • 2017 Top Contributor Medal icon
  • 15+ Entries! GameBanana’s Christmas Giveaway 2017 Medal icon
  • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
Some codes borrowed from a character.
Taffy (on Discord)
Some fixing and some other tips
AI Patching
Luke As Muk
Playtesting and a suggestion.
Misc authors
Any resources I can find. All can be seen in the readme file.


TheSpongeThatMods avatar
TheSpongeThatMods Joined 1y ago
660 points Ranked 7431st

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