Modern Sonic Mod

A Skin Mod for Mario Kart 8

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My First Mario Kart 8 Mod
What this mode replaces:
Mario = Sonic
Coin = Rings
Banana = Egg Spring
Mushroom = Blue Chaos Emerald

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  • 1mo
    jmart2298 avatar
    jmart2298 Offline
    Member Joined 1mo
    This is a cool but the model is too big. I would also have the coins to have proper sounds.
  • 2mo
    ShelbyGaming avatar
    Member Joined 2mo
    i said i want mario kart 8 shelby mod badly. Shelby over rosalina. her appearance is just like my youtube picture icon. she is voiced by jennifer hale. she sounds like sirenna from bratz. on the character selection if you select my character shelby, she'll say "what's up?" on her trick while she's driving, she can borrow cleo's giggle from orphan scion of sorcery ps2 game. she has brown hair, green eyes. long sleeves blue tight shirt from soul calibur V, blue armor with white shoulder things and side white things on her armor from soul calibur V, her hairstyle is natsu's hair from soul calibur V, blue feathers on her hair, brown gems on her hair, blue shorts, black trim on the bottom on her shorts, star on the side of her shorts, white long socks, pink shoes, blue cheer all star bow on her head, blue eyeshadow, and pink lips, and she belongs to bandai namco. she is 14 years old. 
    Go for me
  • 2moEdited 2mo
    ShelbyGaming avatar
    Member Joined 2mo
    I want my character shelby on Mario Kart 8 Mod and she is voiced by Jennifer Hale. she sounds like Sirenna from bratz the video game 2007 game. shelby over rosalina. Her apperence is just like my youtube picture icon and my youtube wallpaper icon. my hair style is soul calibur 5 natsu's hair with dark brown hair, blue feathers, and dark brown jewels on her hair. she has blue shorts, white long socks and pink shoes. she can borrow cleo's laugh from orphan scion of sorcery 2000 video game. find the characters that she exactly sounds like sirenna from bratz the movie the video game 2007 video game. on the character selection if the player select her she'll say "What's Up?"
    Go for me
  • 3mo
    KLGB76 avatar
    KLGB76 Offline
    Member Joined 1y
    276 points Ranked 14002nd
    I don't want to replace Mario... This is Mario Kart, not Sonic Kart... Could you do it over Tanooki Mario please?
  • 3mo
    Don Jon avatar
    Don Jon Offline
    Member Joined 3mo
    285 points Ranked 13689th
    Nice work but the shape of this mod is more like classic sonic.  Can you do a retuxture for it to look like classic sonic and main post image is misleading as the mod itself has the body like classic sonic instead of modern sonic. Also i hate modern sonic.
  • 3mo
    cookie1044 avatar
    cookie1044 Offline
    Member Joined 4mo
    Can you do the rest the items as the items so far you made look amazing? Amazing mod by the way!
  • 3mo
    You did a very good job especially since this is your first mod for the game.
  • 3mo
    But why this?, Corbond is already doing sonic.
    Mod Reviewer avatar
    Mod Reviewer
  • 3mo
    dorito guy * avatar
    Member Joined 5mo
    Can i put ir over metal mario? 
  • 3mo
    Dem eyes.
    Nice work!
    Too Fresh to be Good.


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