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MVC Akuma's Alternate (Deathlok) Edit

A Skin Mod for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Man, this skin gave me a bit of trouble. Let me just tell anyone who has an interest in editing skins, firstly may be best to go over the model and reference the texture file as much as you can so you know exactly what you're going to edit so you don't come back thinking you've could have made this, that to be more representative of your edits. Well, not everyone is basing their edits on pre-established characters... Regardless it is a good habit to have.

Secondly, If you use something like Photoshop, I thought that even if an image was flattened if it was saved as a project I could open it up and the history would allow me to unflatten it. I was wrong, oh how I was wrong. So going back I realized I couldn't edit my masks and layers because the project was just that... one flat image. So make sure you're saving with the layers still separate.

Last little thing, I made sure this wasn't an issue of mine. If you go through the skin in gallery mode and notice something weird like how if you look underneath Akuma's gi top you can see right through it? Well, that isn't an issue with the edit. It's an issue with the game. I not only checked the default version of Cyber Akuma to see if it was there, I checked the PS4 version of the game and was still able to see through the bottom of Cyber Akuma's shirt. Sadly it also happens in game, When Akuma is failing from a Super Jump the bottom of his shirt flips over his belt and you can see through it. Only his alternate, it is sort of weird. Anyways just wanted to let you know this isn't a mistake I had made with the edit.

So onto why this skin? Well I'm actually really happy it came out and honestly I didn't know who else I could do. I was looking through Marvel characters who happened to be cyborg/robots/and/or/martial artists, didn't come up with something I like. Almost did Annihilus for this edit because of the wings and they both sure love killing. However my brother gave me this suggestion, he even used to have the toy I put in the reference. Once I saw the cybernetic eye I knew it was the right one to base this edit on... at least in my own opinion.

Anyways hope you enjoy the new skin.

EDIT: Forgot, like the MVC2 Akuma recolors I did, his eyes have an effect so the left eye and the right cybernetic eye aren't exactly what they look like in the texture files. If I learn how to change or remove that, I'll probably make an update. Also this may be a small thing but if you think I messed up on Akuma's metal geta (sandals) that was actually intentional. It was a mistake at first but I ended up liking the sort of half red/silver look.



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    As someone who also likes to edit characters to be others, I really appreciate the creativity with your choices and the detail you put into these.

    I can't wait to see what you pull off for everyone else's alts.
    Hope Rides Alone


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