Illemonati Cultist

A Skin Mod for Half-Life

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1. Comments from me

Any resemblance to the illuminati is pure coincidence

2. Original readme

Illemonati Cultist player model for Half-Life


Skin:   Edmund Dupont (Buster Charlie)

Model:  Billy Kurilko (Malengine) 

Model stats: 368 polys, standard Half-life biped and animations because I'm a lazy slob.

Skin stats: Single 256x256 bmp, team colors enabled.


Made in about 3-4 hours for a TFC server Buster plays on a lot. Modified slightly, added team colors, and is now being released for HL DM.

Installation instructions:

Just unzip this into your half-life directory, with the "use paths" option checked. Ziing.

Both Buster and Mal work on the Half-life modification GvT, check us out at

Any questions or comments should be directed to Mal or Buster at the email addresses listed above.

Feel free to use this model however you see fit, but if you re-release it with a new skin, please give us credit where necessary.. and drop us a line to tell us about it! We'de love to see what people might come up with :)




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