Dr. eastman

A Skin Mod for Half-Life

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Legend of Dr. Eastman:

So, Ya wanna know 'bout Devil Lake Sanitarium. Well, there's lots of old legends 'bout that place. Most of 'em center round a guy by the name of Dr. Eastman. Seems he was some psycho doctor who used to administer bizarre and unusual "cures" to his patients. He used to call them the "Eastman Cure." 

One of his patients that you'd hear 'bout most is a man named Harry. He had an extreme phobia of spiders, you see. He used to say he could hear them singing some sorta' lulaby or something. This guy was a real nut. Bonafide wacko. So, Dr. Eastman agreed to take him in an' treat him. Of course, he used his "Eastman Cure." Which, for this guy, meant strapping him down and covering him with spiders! He did this night after night until the guy eventually died from a heart attack or something.

Well, soon after the government came in and shut the whole place down. Dr. Eastman was tried and convicted for multiple counts of murder. He was executed probably 'bout 20 years ago.

Well, it wasn't long after that people started reporting strange things goin' on up there at the old asylum. Things like unexplained lights and weird screams or laughter. You know your usual haunting crap.

Ya, most sensible people don't venture up there these days. Every now and then some fool kids or some ghost hunter goes up there to see if there's any basis for the legends. They say you can hear the screams for miles...


Unzip this to your Half-life/valve/models/player directory. Be sure to have keep folder names (or whatever it's called) in Winzip set. This is just so it creates the Dr_Eastman folder. If it doesn't create the folder then just create the folder yourself. Be sure to name it Dr_Eastman    just like you see it. Don't use a . use the _





About the model:

Well, this model is mostly an original creation of mine. The look of Dr. Eastman is entirely my own doing. He's not really based on anything. I did get a little inspiration for him from those doctors in Jacob's Ladder. The story is based on a story told by a few songs on the album The Spider's Lulaby by King Diamond. The story isn't the exact story told in the songs. It's more of an afterward type thing. It's something I made up to tie it in to Dr. Eastman in the songs. The story tells what I think could've happened to him after the events in the songs.

This is my second model ever. Some it's not perfect but it is creative :) I did everything myself. The mesh, skin, and all 106 animations. You'll probably definitly want to check this out in a mdl viewer. Almost all the weapon animations have different idling and shooting animations.

Model Stats:

796 triangles

2 256x256 textures (sorry no team colors! Maybe on the next model...)


Milkshape 1.3.2

Photoshop 5.5

Chumbalum Soft's Half-life MDL Viewer

Well, not sure what else to say. This model took me about a month to create. I just hope you like it.



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