High Defenition: Source

A Skin Mod for Half-Life: Source

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Contains: High Definition - Source v1.02 sourced_v0.10 REsourced ---------------------------------------------------------------------- High Definition - Source: convertion of the High Defenition Pack for Half-Life: Source. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Released: July 11, 2006 Implementation: A. [Stone] Denisov, Silent Rain (sprites) If you have problems with displaying of chromed surfaces in the weapons models, replace the materials files with the new ones from hl1\materials\crome_override with saving the paths. This pack contains world weapons models (w_ ) converted by kimhenning. Original High Definition Pack: Gearbox Software Valve Software ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sourced: A community-created improvement pack for Half-Life: Source. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Version: 0.10 Released: January 13, 2005 Implementation: D. "d'keesto" Keese Texture Art: James "slthytove" Allen Brian "rahba" Beaton Arne "ether" Claassen D. "d'keesto" Keese D. "The Buzzard" Manchester Please send comments and screenshots of bugs to dkeesto@gmail.com. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- RESourced: The update of Sourced v0.10 improvement pack for Half-Life: Source. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Released: September 29, 2005 This package includes several fixed materials from sourced_v0.10 pack, modified materials from Half-Life 2, and my own materials.



  • 7mo
    {Tom} avatar
    {Tom} Offline
    Member Joined 1y
    395 points Ranked 10562nd
    Will this fix the problem with guns like the pistol and m4 not playing the reload sound?
  • 1y
    Posted by AnonymousSoldier47

    Where do i download a half life hd pack?i google it but failed..can this work for original hl?
    to awnser that question. 1. to install half life source mods.. extract them in the game's folder. no custom folders requried. and your second question. you cannot port source engine models to goldsource. it will not work. i tried...it doesent work. so dont try it

    XBunnie avatar
  • 4y
    possom2009 avatar
    possom2009 Offline
    Member Joined 4y
    118 points Ranked 25303rd
    How do I add this to the ACF version?
  • 4y
    > **Posted by AnonymousSoldier47**

    > Where do i download a half life hd pack?i google it but failed..can this work for original hl?

    No, this is incompatible witht he original Half-Life. The original HD Pack can be acquired on Steam.
  • 7y
    crazyboy123 avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    thx this good!
  • 7y
    Where do i download a half life hd pack?i google it but failed..can this work for original hl?
    Look,I am not you daddy...
  • 8y
    Blutspender avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    My files are at C:\Programme\Steam\SteamApps\\half-life source\hl1, but theres no change in-game... Help?
    Freak avatar
  • 8y
    nabi avatar
    nabi Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Errr.... the grutns have a ragdolled boner. LMFAO wtf???
  • 8y
    Kapanga avatar
    Kapanga Offline
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    Posted by thehalflifefan

    I got black and purple textures in the v_models, a problem that is common in some PCs. Is there any way to fix it?

    No, the PC's are alright, is the lack of the textures what makes the game to display pink and black squares instead of the normal textures.
    The last hero of the world... avatar
    The last hero of the world...
  • 8y
    How do you install this hd pack????


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You can freely use these models and textures in your projects, just referense the author (A. [Stone] Denisov).
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