Morgan vertex edit (Update v2.5)

A Skin Mod for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)


  • Cleaned up hair vertex
  • Cleaned up hair textures
  • Improved materials
Version 2.5 6mo
  • Added metal model
  • Added custom nameplate
  • Fixed some weird lines on the hair texture
  • Improved volume and lip sync on voice mod
  • Improved fade-out on victory theme
  • Fixed crop on results screen portrait

Additional Notes
Version 2 2y
Update 2.5: The update I'm pushing now is actually pretty old improvements that I did a while ago, mostly just uploading it now because school is a pain so I don't have a lot of time to work on the actual new content for this. It's coming but slowly. Now's as good a time as any since she finally made it into Heroes. Will add new screenshots for this new version sooner or later. 

This is the first custom skin that I've made! Robin's daughter, Morgan, from Fire Emblem Awakening. Getting this vertex edit to work was a total nightmare but a few months of hard work paid off in the end. Comes with full CSPs, a voice mod, and a custom victory theme for Robin and Morgan based on their leitmotif from Awakening (you can preview the victory theme here). 

Because of how Robin's voice is set up in the game, single-slot voice changes are not possible, so installing the voice mod can only be done on c01 and it will affect all of female Robin's alt costumes. As a result, this costume is TexID'd over slot 2 (c01), the default female Robin, and I'm also pretty much obligated to make alt costumes for this in order to replace the rest of her alts so that the voices stay consistent. As soon as I get the chance I'll be making alts based on other Awakening characters in order to replace slots 4, 6, and 8. Please don't edit and redistribute this without my permission. 

The download includes all of the c01 files but everything except for model.nut, model.nud, and metal.nud are completely unedited from the original, so if you're putting this in the c01 slot, then you only need to add those three files. 

The eyes on the metal model are a bit weird but it's not really noticeable in-game unless you pause it and zoom in so I just decided to just let it go and upload it anyway. I'll keep looking into figuring out how to fix that. 

The Khonjin Dedede skin on in the last picture was made by me, maybe I'll publish it sometime when I'm not too lazy to do that. 

Please ask my permission if you want to feature this in any modpacks or videos or whatever. Actually the only reason I'm saying that is 'cause it would give be a substantial ego boost if someone were actually to like this mod enough to do something like that. You don't actually need to ask my permission, I just want to feel good about myself. Still, though, asking permission is a nice thing to do and I do enjoy feeling good about myself, so please consider it. 

Up next is alternate costumes and render-based CSPs! I completely finished one alt costume but my classes have been thoroughly destroying my mind and soul so

I also cleaned up the vertex edit on the hair (will release that update alongside the alt costumes), so look forward to that. 

Status update: I'm addicted to Fire Emblem Heroes. I'll try to curb that and get working more on the last two alt costumes. 

2/12/17: Updated the download with the new (slightly improved) vertex because reasons, not putting a formal update since it's minor and it was gonna be a part of the alt costumes update (sooner or later) anyway. 

7/18/17: I am still on 5.5.1 and got Haxchi working, so I can continue to get this finished and tested. Alt costumes have been done for a while, I just need to finish getting the renders working which has been a total pain. 



Add alt costumes and make better CSPs


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