Chromed Alyxgun

A Skin Mod for Half-Life 2


  • Optimization Blurred the glow of the "lambda A" across the whole package.
  • Addition Added Military green skins, made military green skins for the other two grips
  • Improvement Updated the technicolor tint folder to include "daytime/nighttime pearlescent" (basically just switched the effect colors around to give a better look)
  • Improvement Updated the scripts and sounds to make it a standalone weapon but kept the older scripts incase someone wants the option
  • Addition Doubled the amount of normals to add more depth to the weapon, some parts look better while others look worse so i kept the older normals
  • Improvement Re-adjusted the phong on the non-chrome sets (now plastic looks more like plastic.)
  • Addition Added the HL2 Commands folder for some extra fun ingame.
Version 5 6mo
  • readded the screw heads and matched the color better
  • continued the front grip onto the front face of the gun
  • fixxed the grooves on the magazine
  • realigned the slots under the barrel to be more centralised
  • finally chromed the outer barrel nicely (but the lack of space makes this hard)
  • sharpened the top holes of the gun and the underneath slots
  • lightened the front of the barrel on the base skin
  • darkened the edges of the under muzzel thingy's front
  • added the Technicolor tint so even adjusting the colour of the tint is possible
  • added 3 base colour textures for use under the Technicolor tint
Version F. 3y

Improved Alyxgun... kinda...

Well seeing as this is my first upload and my first attempt to enlarge a picture for a gun, i'm not expecting to much, the biggest joke is after 6 days of intense work (originally, now i have no idea how long it took) it looks mostly the same. still i think it looks better than the original so here it is. 

This pack now includes 10 skins, 30 normals and 4 special effect styles for the Alyxgun, dont even ask me to count the variations... Almost Limitless.... and has been tested in HL2, EP1 and EP2, so make sure you check which one is compatible with your game.

Also the chrome wont always work in all areas hence why i included the original looking version

Check out the "Technicolor tint", with this you can modify the tint to anything you want, but some modification might be needed if you want other colors than those i have included, from Powdercoated light blue to Pearlescent Green n Orange... works for EP2, but instructions are included to modify for EP1 and HL2.  i included red, blue, green and gold base skins for use with these colorful effects... feel free to make more.

After this update i feel there is nothing left for me to do on it, and with this tweak your choices are more than i ever could have intended, so have some fun with what i figured out.

I feel i need to say sorry to all the people that have downloaded this skin numerous times, i never intended to update it but those inconsistencies irritated me so i fixed them as best i could. (and again its updated, but this time i just fixed the write up in here, so if you have downloaded V5 already then don't bother getting it again, i was in a bit of a hurry yesterday)

and on a side note i had an idea about this gun if someone would like to take it up, add a LCD screen where the Lambda A is that shows where the gun is looking, i know the game has camera's and screens but to have it on here would help explain the accuracy... see the last screenshot for a better idea. also if there are multiple guns will they show different viewpoints? just a fun thought...

Thoughts, comments, and mods welcome

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