Metal Gear Fortress 3 - Hat Eater *UPDATE AGAIN!*

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2


  • Added poll for the next update *READ DESCRIPTION
3.9 3y
  • Minor Model Changes
Version 3.4 3y

Tactical Hat Trading Simulator

And here it is folks, a Team Fortress 2 Ported model replacement!


So I am at a bit of a crossroads with this mod. For the most part, I now consider it finished. Sure I could look into making a "Flex" file (which adds lip syncing) and touch up the model here and there, but the major issues are finished. Snake can now wear hats (thanks to a little hair trim), and he fits the animations a bit better as well as having both a Red and Blu skin AND has both invuln and cloaking effects. Those were the biggest problems with this model when I first started on it a few months ago. Yes, this model has had much more work than the five or so days it has been up, MUCH more work.

After some thought, I figured "Why not make a poll?" This site supports polls, but I can't put in this shpeel under it, so I made a straw poll instead:

I will consider the poll finished after about 2 weeks.

So go vote for what kind of thing you want to see in the upcoming update:

Metal Gear Fortress 4: Guns of the Mercs (working title)


As the name suggests, Snake has gotten a hair cut and has decided to try out new hats- I mean disguises...

The ONLY cosmetics that have any sort of issue are (that I could find):

-Deep Cover

-Handsome Jack Mask

-Suits (any and all suit type items. No fix for this)

Other Cosmetics should work fine. Let me know in the comments if there are other cosmetics that don't work right.

Oh, and the "problems" I had when I first released this mod are getting taken care of, so there is no longer a HUGE wall of text to go through. *Half-Assed Fanfare*


A major issue is Valve's handling of mods. The majority of servers don't support model replacements, so if you were to join a server, you ended up with an invisible model with only the cosmetics visible. This bugs the entire game and you will need to exit the game entirely in order to have the model be visible again. This affects ALL of the game. You join a non-compatible server, and even leaving the server will bug out the custom model.

Known Servers that won't support the mod:

  • Official/Valve Servers
  • Skial
  • List to be updated

tl;dr Only some servers will be compatible. Joining a server that doesn't support mods like this will cause the model to bug out, which is fixable by restarting your game. 

Oh, and I almost forgot, there is a sound mod that replaces the Spy's lines with that of Solid Snake by Ravio. I highly recommend getting that mod as well! Look up "Solid Spy" in the sound mods section (or just go to the link below).

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