MW3 Asiimov Skin Pack

A Skin Mod for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


  • Addition Added Asiimov MP7

It's been a fun journey folks, but this is the final gun to the pack. No request please. I started this over 2 years ago as a scrub and finished decently. Who knows if I get bored later on in life and add more to the skin pack. I will try to make other skin packs in the future. Until then, farewell.

You can still follow me on my Youtube for updates.

2.5.1 (Final) 8mo
  • Addition Added Asiimov Scar-l

There are 2 versions (OG White and Semi-Dark Version) within those 2 there are 3 more variations that give you the option to pick your IS color. (Black, Orange and White).

This is by far the most difficult skin I had to make due to many issues with the texture. The semi-dark version is basically just the gun stock being black. I really wanted a full out dark version, but I struggled so much and didn't want to stress to invert everything to encounter new issues like I did with the ak74u.

The screenshots look off since I haven't fixed the movie config. files back to how I had them in my older projects.

2.5 8mo

My Asiimov skin pack for MW3 with revamped ACR Skin & plently more.

Languages Available: English, Spanish, German, Russian. Other languages are on Read for installation text file.

There are multiple variations for ACR & 2 versions for USP45 included. (ACR) One with the triangle on the iron sight & the other without it, also you have 3 different color choices for the cross-hair.

! Install Instructions for Teknogods & Steam Client. !

Make a backup of IW06 before installing!!! (Just in-case things don't work out)

Install the file by moving the file in IW06 folder into the IW06. File Location is where you have the game installed Example: C:\Users\Derp\Documents\My Games\Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3\main

Open IW
06 with Winrar, 7Zip or any other extraction software. Then drag and drop the file in there.

Installation Instructions for the new Plutonium client.

Place add camo/skins mods in "plutoiw5 > Images folder". Or create a IWD and place it in the "plutoiw5" folder.

How to create a IWD? I simply copied "IW_06" to the desktop and opened it, then I went to images folder and deleted everything. I then placed my skins in it. Closed it and renamed it to "z_camos" and placed it in my Plutonium game folder in the "plutoiw5" folder.

You're done! Launch the game & make sure the camo is selected on "none".

Thanks for downloading it! :)
Video of skins in-game

  • OV
TIP: If you turn off "Specular Map" the skin looks better. Warning: Your gold/chrome camo will look solid brown if you do so.

TIP #2: If in some maps you notice the skin glowing too much. You can turn off the glow by going into your config_mp.cfg and look for "seta r_glow_allowed "1". Just change the value to 0. This won't be 100% full proof on all the maps, but it does help.

Information: Expect new guns to be added.

This is a skin! Selecting another camo will not remove it. If you'd like to remove the skin simply replace IW06 with the backup one that you made at the beginning or use the original files in the "Original files" folder.

DO NOT RE-UPLOAD THIS TO ANOTHER FILE SHARING WEBSITE! Also give credit if it's going to be shared on a video or forum post ect.
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  • mw3_asiimov_skin_pack_v251_by_ovisu_1c66f.rar 8mo old 1,205 DLs 101 mb

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P250 Asiimov Design recreated for USP-45
Policia camo design concept on knife
Asiimov background used in tarp file
Remastered L118A
Thumbnail Wallpaper
Scar-L Concept
Special Thanks
How to improve skin look by turning specular map off
Awesome map location to screenshot


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