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80's Soviet VDV Paratroopers

A Skin Mod for Insurgency

What it says, on Insurgent base.

80's Soviet VDV Paratroopers in place of Insurgents! Right off the bat, here's the workshop mirror to save you the trouble: First time Insurgency and Workshop tryout at a little pack. Just a little something to change that dull ooga booga feel when you want to use AKs and AKs only. What better way to do it other than VDV style? So far, it includes all insurgents, their respectful sleeve textures as well as the VIP! But the VIP screenshot wont be here until I can figure out what server hosts a Insurgent VIP side on Ambush. Until then, expect a Kinder Surprise kind of a deal! Special thanks goes to Tounushi for his KLMK, KZS and TTsKo camouflage vectors! List: Team leader/Cell leader - Afghanka Fighter/Striker - KLMK oversuit Machinegunner - KZS oversuit over afghanka Bomber - Afghanka with green vest Sapper - TTsKo afghanka with green vest Scout/Marksman/Sniper - Telnyashka shirt+Moskva shoe VIP - TTsKo shirt with afghanka pants Shemaghs have been replaced with a khaki sand mask, I kept the chicoms green and did not fiddle with the equipment because of the untidy UV's, so I don't screw something up. On the matter of the orthodox cross tattoo on the Scout/Sharpshooter/Sniper, it reads out: "I believe in God, not communism". Just a criminal tattoo I deemed fitting. But as for UV maps, Murphy's law! I will update once I get over it tho. If you got requests, don't be shy, but I cannot promise I will do all of them.


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    (: olleH
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    I really love this. It reminds me of MGS:V TPP.

    Hi dude!
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    Needs a bit of work but meh i love it :) 10/10


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    > **Posted by Pixy** > > Remake of: > > C: But that is modern Russian federal army? Not sure how Soviet era vdv with chicom vests represents modern units using Splav and SSO/SPOSN gear?
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    Who is this poser?
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    Remake of: C:



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Camouflage vector author


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