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Re-Color/ Re-Compile Mini Project

The content provided in this release merits no credit to the distributor besides that of the compilation itself. All texture recolor and model re-compile are provided as a contribution to the mod community behind The Specialist Half-Life and as a compliment to the TSHD v0.1 compilation. These are detailed recolors of the synthetic in each firearm that represent it's real counterpart. This did start out as a personal preference with only one firearm and it worked out so well that I decided to extend it to as many as I could afford to do on my watch. Unfortunately, it was near the ending when I realized I should probably make alternative colors and save the selection process in a file so others could easily create their own re-color. I used references from actual pictures from the web to do all of the re-color work properly except for the M4. That was partially inspired by War-Zone Punisher. I also included two re-compiles from a few selections here and fixed them up a bit. The Beretta and Mark 22 are re-compiles. ***The content in this release is subject to author discretion*** ***Credits for all content are contained in Credits.txt***



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Development Info

I used GIMP 3.0 for Windows to do all texture modifications and backups of the original textures are contained for each model accordingly. Milkshape 3D 1.8.5 trial version was used to decompile the two models and correct any flaws either upon decompilation or from the original compiler. Texture re-colors may have imported and exported incorrectly and I appreciate any constructive criticism. Both re-compiled models may have texture maps that are not fully accurate, but I did what I could with the time I had to make it the best possible without manually selecting vertices to re-align the texture. Reference files for both re-compiles are contained in case any one wants to either tediously fix the texture map or add on to
the models.

Beretta - Took out the clutter, re-aligned the texture map, and shrunk the silencer to scale correctly with reference pictures on the web.

Mark 22 - Attached barrel to the frame joint instead of the slide joint so that a barrel appears existent. I really wanted this one to work right. The original compiler did a nice job on the texture alignment.

Both model re-compiles are optimized for wide-screen POV and may appear differently on a regular monitor. It is also the reason I left the original reference files in-tact so that the user may re-coordinate the view model to fit their screen properly. This can be done in Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer without any effort, just re-coordinate the view model and place the coordinates in the .qc reference file and compile the model with the same program.


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