13 Evil Watermelons

A Skin Mod for The Specialists

-This is a cursed model, that I couldn't finish for a long time (years), due to all kinds of bad luck. -Yes, another crazy model inspired from my own comics world as a kid. -I did my best to optimally fit the watermelons with the standard TS skeleton and hitboxes, the watermelons touch each other just a little bit. -No bugs at all, so enjoy and happy fragging TS style :) -Why your models are always low poly? 1999 polys is my limit for all Goldsource models, if I want a detailed models, I'll go play a damn modern game. -Why for TS, but not "insert-some-other-random-Goldsource-mod-here"? It's about what I respect and what I play recently. I won't convert them to CS or HL just to gain more downloads, rating or whatever... -What cool thing would you like to see in TS? Gungame AMXX mod would be awesome, if someone make it, I could host a server. -What disgusting thing you never want to see in TS? Any sort of campers... You can't get any low and worm-ish, than camping in a very action game. What's next? Camping in a car racing game? -Future plans? I have some unreleased stuff on my HDs, so yeah, maybe I will continue to upload. I make all this stuff mostly for me, but I decided to share it at some point. -Don't forget to check out my "Messages" for my stuff, that I can't upload here.
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supreme author
Jake Williams
watermelon texture


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Development Info

Made from scratch with Chumbalum Milkshape 3D.


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Attention ! You MAY distribute this archive anywhere, but WITHOUT modifing it, or ask for a money for it. You MAY NOT decompile, change the model in any way, or the texture. You MAY NOT include the model in your mod/game without asking me first.



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