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Silent Slicer

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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A Japanese sword for Scout

This replaces Boston Basher. You can replace it with the clean or the bloody version. If you'd like to vote, Steam Workshop page: [Silent Slicer]( "Silent Slicer")


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  • LegitMan avatar
    LegitMan Joined 11mo ago
    access_time 11mo
    Atomizer Version PLZ (i have the boston but i hate that weapon)

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  • KonataTheMemeLord avatar
    KonataTheMemeLord Joined 4y ago
    488 points Ranked 46174th
    access_time 1y
    Okay, so I tried fixing this at some point, I got the model to load in fine. I couldn't get the textures to work, though. If anyone actually takes interest in this, and wants to try and fix it themselves; have at it. If you ask me for the files, I'll send 'em your way.
    Konata Izumi is my waifu
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  • SHAOKAHN64 avatar
    SHAOKAHN64 Joined 3y ago
    329 points Ranked 50196th
    access_time 2y
    And now  deadpool skin from scout
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  • Redoneter593 avatar
    Redoneter593 Joined 4y ago
    422 points Ranked 47528th
    access_time 4y
    Could you make this into a Three Rune reskin? Would prefer to have this reskin work for a sword than a bat.
    Try, try again Eintstein.
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  • Really Cool! But could you make an Atomizer skin that looks like a katana, I don't really care that it doesn't bleed but I really need the useful third jump. Thank You!
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  • Rinmaru avatar
    Rinmaru Joined 6y ago
    access_time 5y
    > **Posted by Kabutops the Butcher** > > Can you add a Three Rune Blade varient? This might be 9 months too late, but file renaming is your best friend.
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    Hamel Navy Officer
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  • w4ssup avatar
    w4ssup Joined 9y ago
    access_time 6y
    there's a typo in the front page description "Inspired by a Japanese sword this Silenc Slice**r** is ready to be used!"
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  • **Pros:** - Awesome model - I am actually skilled in the Basher, so i'll actually see this - Custom sounds **Cons:** - No sheen support **Improvements:** - Add sheen support **Notes:** - The model itself, is awesome, however i can't live with an awesome model that won't shine hot pink every five seconds. EDIT:If there IS sheen support, i probably didn't notice it for the five minutes i had the mod, sorry if it does.
    Kinky Ass German Guy
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  • Kabutops the Butcher avatar
    590 points Ranked 44500th
    access_time 6y
    Can you add a Three Rune Blade varient?
    Slicy Slicy
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  • Hawkshadow741 avatar
    Hawkshadow741 username pic Joined 11y ago
    29,380 points Ranked 166th
    30 medals 4 legendary 5 rare
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    access_time 6y
    > **Posted by NubSauce** > > **Posted by Hawkshadow741** > > > Why not make a Cleaver replacement? > > > > that also has clean and bloody styles > > Because throwing an entire Katana blade at your enemy to kill them is logical in every way. So I've been doing it wrong all these years
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    Retired King Midas
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Modeling, texture


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EmAr Joined 7y ago
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Boston Basher icon Boston Basher
Scout icon Scout




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