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Piogre's Australium Lineup- Soldier

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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fix 9/1 5y
  • - replaced the download file with that intended to be released on 7/15, having failed to do so
no pending changes
fix 7/15 5y

Pack 2 of 9, Australium versions for all soldier weapons

I know this is out of date, and some of it may be broken.  I don't plan on updating new/broken textures, nor continuing the series in the forseeable future.  If you want gold skins, go download hawkshadow's stuff.


Piogre's Gold Weapon Lineup

Part 2: The Soldier

This pack is intended to be the Second of nine, which combined color all weapons with australium-style textures.

The full set is expected to include every weapon in the game, including festive support. This pack is intended to be combined with my scout pack at - if you install this pack as-is without also installing that pack, some items might be incomplete. If you have installed that pack, be sure to check back and make sure you have the most recent version, as changes have been made since first uploaded. All packs thus far, combined, include every weapon useable by the Scout or Soldier. This also affects other classes:

-any multi-class weapons useable by the scout or soldier will be australium regardless of class used with

-festive xmas lights are gold colored on all festives

-several shells which are used by multiple classes are gold

Download file contains the full set of preview screenshots.

Full list of items included in this pack:

Rocket Launcher

The Original

Direct Hit

Black Box

Rocket Jumper

Liberty Launcher

Cow Manger 5000

Beggar's Bazooka


Buff Banner


Battalion's Backup



Reserve Shooter

Righteous Bison



Pain Train


Disciplinary Action

Market Gardener

Escape Plan

B.A.S.E Jumper

Air Strike

update 7/15: several fixes to color and alpha channel, plus support for Love&War weapons

update 9/1: actually replaced the download file, having failed to do so with the previous update.

Other released Packs:





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  • Push Em Flames avatar
    Push Em Flames Joined 6y ago
    access_time 6y
    Amazing. Just. Fantastic. I've been waiting for this. Outstanding job. 10/10. You know what? 11/10. :3
    SFL (soldier for life)
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  • Princess Cherry avatar
    Princess Cherry Joined 8y ago
    access_time 6y
    Amazing job on this, if I may give one little feed back? The Disciplinary Action would probably look better if parts of it were gold rather then like all of it. Then again I will show those peasants who wears the hat around the server
    • موافقة x 1
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  • Thunderkeil avatar
    Thunderkeil username pic Joined 6y ago
    13,446 points Ranked 436th
    31 medals 3 legendary 6 rare
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    access_time 6y
    i still don't like australium skins, but you did a great job on this. You made them well-detailed _and_ you released them as a pack, rather than spamming us with a new one every day. looks pretty good, 9/10 just one thing: i think you may have overdone the gold a bit on the default shotgun and maybe a bit too on the beggars bazooka. only those two though
    URL to post:
  • Chutnut avatar
    Chutnut Joined 6y ago
    400 points Ranked 47699th
    access_time 6y
    **_Now this_** is what you call an **_Australium_** skin (pack).
    Chutnut the fuck up.
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  • RLVG_ avatar
    RLVG_ username pic Joined 6y ago
    RLVGReviews Flag Affiliation: RLVGReviews
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    RLVG_ avatar
    RLVGReviews Flag
    access_time 6y
    thanks a ton :D
    Fruityloops - RLVG_ avatar
    Fruityloops - RLVG_
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  • cobaltblade15 avatar
    cobaltblade15 Joined 6y ago
    974 points Ranked 41025th
    access_time 6y
    SOMEONE PUT IT IN A PACK. I love your work this is amazing 10/10
    URL to post:
  • Ihazleatherpants avatar
    Ihazleatherpants Joined 6y ago
    255 points Ranked 52855th
    access_time 6y
    **Pros:** - Golden Pain Train. - The amount of australium on the weapons is just right. I like it. **Cons:** - Not enough Golden Pain Train. **Notes:** - ohmygodgoldenpaintrain
    Some kid with a face.
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Piogre Joined 9y ago
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Development Info


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All files used are Files released by valve, modifications to texture files and material files made by myself.

No credit needed for significantly modifying and redistributing anything contained here

If you wish to redistribute an unmodified version of this pack, in whole or in part, please link to this pack's gamebanana page

either in a message to the distributee or in a contained readme text file



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