Stylish Spy Revamp

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2


  • Recompiled models to support workshop animations
Workshop Animations Fix 3y
  • Added Recent Item Fixes
  • General Fixes and Improvements
  • Remade SFM Hands
  • Added V2 Vest as Option

This update brings the mod up to date with TF2's most recent changes and item additions. I've fixed so much stuff I can't even remember it all, but mainly this release you now have the option to use the new V2 vest.

V2 Release 4y
It's Stylish Spy, back from the dead with a whole new look and brand new assets. Styled after the TF2 Texture Improvement Project. The model has been completely refitted with new textures, normals, zombie support, bone updates, and a remade viewmodel that works with everything. There is also brand new content to make the mod as complete as possible for TF2. Features: - Updated Skeleton and Attach Points - Huge Model/Rig/Compile Cleanup and Improvements - New Custom Gibs - Full LOD Support - Full Compliment of HUD Images - Full Zombie Support - Correct Valve-styled Ubers - New Redone Viewmodel with Custom Animations - Clicky Dead Ringer mod built into Viewmodel - Item Fixes (Still a W.I.P.) - Optional T.I.P. Enhancements - Optional High-Poly SFM Hands Version Some item fixes and a fix for the Sharp Dresser are being made, they will be added in a post-release update. Certain vest items that are totally incompatible with the Stylish vest are blanked out, you can equip them but they won't show on the model. If you want these fixed learn how to texture and contact me because that's what I need done for these. Additional instructions and notes are included in the download. I also included all my texture sources in the download in case anyone wants to modify the textures. More notes: - The VPK Shortcuts included in the download are for making the VPK archive. Drag the +Stylish Spy folder onto the shortcut corresponding to your operating system type and it should create the VPK archive for you. If neither of them works read the included .txt help file. If you still cannot make it work, remember the VPK is not necessary for the mod to function, it only makes it load faster. - The modified character loudout screen seen in the preview picture can be found [here]( "") - This mod is incompatible with other first person mods such as modified animations or reskined stock weapons. Third person mods should be compatible though minus the actual spy model and the item refits. - The skull is removed on the zombie skin simply to help differentiate it from the default Spy zombie. If you don't like it then sorry. IMPORTANT, READ THIS: ------------------ If you have texture problems on the pants, delete your tf/download/materials/models/player/spy/stylish folder. That folder is a leftover from various earlier versions of Stylish Spy, distributed by other people. Delete it, as it creates conflicts with this newer version.
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Various Assets
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Free to use however as long as you recognize the original authors



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