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HD Black Ebon Hawk

A Skin Mod for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: TSL

HD retexture of the Ebon Hawk in black and gray colors

**Description:** It is a simple HD retexture of the Ebon Hawk. No new models or effects etc. just texture in black and gray gamma. I didn't make a base for texture by myself, instead I took it from other mods. So, I took base for my texture from "_Black Ebon Hawk_" Mod by Emperor Devon and also took some parts from "_Vurt's KOTOR: TSL Ebon Hawk Retexture_" by Vurt and made some magic with Photoshop ;) In the end to make this texture I spend almost 18 hours. I did increase all details level, I made some relief-like surfaces, add some extra stuff* and did other scary things... :) and now ship looks more like movie-style ships. **Content:** There is two version of skin in archive - "**Glass**" and "**No-Glass**" (explanation on screens inside) Glass version - contains textures with some kind of glass panels in mechanical parts of ship No-Glass version - it's just texture AS IS, with out glass panels Screenshot folder - contains screenshots :) **Installation:** If necessary make a backup! Copy files from Glass(NoGlass)\Override folder to yours KOToR TSL\Override folder and replace if necessary **Removal:** Just delete following files from yours KOToR TSL\Override folder 002_EBO_Inside1.tga 002_EBO_Inside3.tga 002_EBO_Main1.tga 002_EBO_Main2.tga 002_EBO_Main3.tga DRO_Ehok.tga DXN_EBOHWK.tga Gui_ebon_01.tga KOR_Ehok.tga LEH_EHawk01.tga LEH_ehawk02.tga MAL_EBO_Main2.tga MGF_hawk01.tga MGG_ebonhawk01.tga NAR_EBOHWK.tga PER_EH1.tga TEL_hawk.tga V_EHawk01.tga V_ehawk02.tga If necessary restore yours backup! **Credits:** Thanks to Emperor Devon for his mod and texture which I used as base for my retexture! Thanks to Vurt for his mod and some texture parts I used in my retexture! Thanks to Adobe for Photoshop! **PS:** I did this retexture for myself so I don't care if you don't like something or you think it's stupid or non canonical or else. I just share it. Like it - Use it! Don't like it - Don't use it! It is simple...




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Mod autor
Special Thanks
Emperor Devon
for base for my retexture
for some texture parts for my retexture


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