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Mang in Graz De Luxe - A Skin Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

“ - Yogensia: Great model with good attention to detail. Bake and textures work well and both wood and metal help to sell that antique feeling you would expect from such weapon. The model looks a bit dark, but other than that this piece belongs in a museum, for many good reasons! - Kriboez: Overall it's an excellent entry, the model is perfectly baked and textured, the compiling itself is excellent. The main point of this submission is how the gun fits in the game nevertheless of the time span in between. ”


Version 1.2 8y
  • - Added VPK Edit Installation
Added the authentic way on installing cs:go skins by editing the VPK file, this will make it possible that you can play online on some servers with sv_pure 0. The easy installation without VPK editing is a good way to test the skin to see if you like it or not.

A percussion pistol called the Mang in Graz De Luxe.

Mang in Graz De Luxe

Hey everyone! We're back with this time a percussion pistol called the Mang in Graz De Luxe for the Historical Weapon Contest!

This autentice percussion pistol will bring you back in time when the pirates conquered the seven seas. Now brought back on the battlefield by the terrorists this one shot pistol can instant kill your enemy but beware the range of this weapon isn't from modern times so make sure you're close to your enemy before you pull the trigger!


- High quality Textures and Shaders at 2048x2048
- Quality Custom Animations
- A Great looking World Model
- Custom Sounds
- Different Shooting Particle
- The first skin for the taser in CS:GO here on Gamebanana



Required Install: Put all the folders inside: steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo

Easy Install: This is an unique way that doesn't require VPK editing, Sir Se7en found an unique way to change the model via the game script codes, the sad fact about this is that you can't play online with it if the script isn't uploaded to the server itself. This is good for just testing offline to see if you actually want the skin or not as it doesn't require VPK editing.

VPK Install: This requires you to change the pak01_dir.vpk so that the v\_eq\_taser and w\_eq\_taser have a different name like v\_ex\_taser for example so the game will load the loose model files. An easy way to install this is by using Unkn0wn's CSGO Skin Installation Tool. This tool will allow you to easy edit the VPK by just selecting both v and w and by pressing install.

Sounds: The console command snd_updateaudiocache is still required to make the custom sounds work correctly.
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  • The command for the custom sounds to work properly doesn't exist anymore, is there another command that you type besides that or does the custom sound not work anymore. I have a bunch of other custom skins but the custom sounds doesn't work.
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    I can get banned on online servers ??

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    the no VPK download doesn't work! adding all files to the CSGO folder does nothing. I've tried this 3 times 3 different ways! Somebody help pls.
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  • Anonymous
    I want this for a deagle skin
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  • Just absolutely amazing model and weapon
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    > **Posted by [UltraKillCL]** > Can someone give me a .MAX file with model and animations please. > I Want to compile it for Killing Floor > > Thanks in advance. Just a couple posts below I've stated the link, anyway here's it again: You could also just have searched the model section, it was released simultaneously with this release.
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    Can someone give me a .MAX file with model and animations please. I Want to compile it for Killing Floor Thanks in advance.
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    UltraModding Developer
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    > **Posted by Blur.** > Holy shit. > > O.O Yeah, Holy.
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    Confident Coward
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    Holy shit. O.O
    Her voice could calm oceans.
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