RH-200 Sniper Rifle

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this is my first skin so don't be mad about it.

dont be mad because this is my first skin.



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    Obviously i am not mad but im gonna be strait up with this as far as neccesary improvements first off the stock is quite blocky and unappealing same with the scope so to solve that try to cut grooves into the top corner parts to make them appear rounded off also trim away at excess blocks til it looks good and secondly try and avoid camoflauge unless you have more patterns to offer or that is how the gun was originally produced other than that everything from the mag up to the barrel is fine although you should probably make the mag shorter
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    don't worry I'm a doctor
  • 4y
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    Telling people to not critisize your work, when you've just started out and need to get some idea of what you're doing? Bad plan.

    On the subject of this weapon, the model looks good enough, but a bit wonky in world view and the texture needs massive work. You really want to avoid skin-tone. Scope looks rough and poorly done and the weird brown bits surrounding the glass look bad.

    You seem to have a faint idea of what you're doing, but this is not an.... awesome first start, I'll say. Keep working at it.


    Not-so-silent Protagonist
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    How dare you tell me to shut my mouth if I don't like it?

    Fair enough if someone is mad about it, but I have my reasons and I would like to list them out to you in an effort for you to be able to improve your skill.

    This is unrealistic, big, and blocky. You should start off with real life weapons, and at most making weapons only three blocks WIDE. You have to consider the fact someone will be holding this that isn't you and you'll see them holding it. And if needs be, don't forget to make the weapon shorter in places. Its generally a bad idea to make the magazine have less girth, though.

    Oh, and because it got lost with the last sumission;

  • 4y
    22pivotdude avatar
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    yeah just because of some reason it got deleted :/ and i hope you don't got mad (THIS IS MY FIRST SKIN AND THAT'S WHY)
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    Is it just me or was this uploaded already? I could've sworn I've seen it already.
    Collector of old consoles


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