S&W Model 5906 10mm Pistol replacer

A Skin Mod for Fallout 3

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Changes the vanilla 10mm Pistol into a Smith & Wesson Model 5906. Includes weathered and clean textures, and DLC support.

### In short This changes the 10mm Pistol to something that looks like an actual gun. ### The Wherefore In most of the Fallouts, we have this brick of a 10mm handgun that defies all logic, and it's been a long-time goal of mine to do something about it. The Smith & Wesson Model 5906 seems like a good match, considering that it was a common law-enforcement gun, and it has a 10mm version. Mainly, though, i found the texture absolutely perfect for Fallout 3. Your ratings, comments, suggestions, and complaints are welcome. ### Implementation This mod replaces the graphic for the 10mm Pistol and the Silenced 10mm Pistol with a Smith & Wesson Model 5906/1006 handgun, as well as changing the stats a little to reflect this change. The capacity is lowered to 9, to match that of the 10mm Model 1006, but the damage is increased from 9 to 13 (same as Col. Autumn's pistol). 10mm Auto is supposed to be powerful, after all. It comes in two varieties, weathered and clean. The weathered variant generally replaces the vanilla 10mm Pistol and Silenced 10mm Pistol, however the clean variant will usually spawn where a 10mm pistol would have 50% or greater condition. The clean variants are added to the 10mm Pistol repair list by script. For the basic version of this mod, i tried to avoid using the clean variant wherever it would be affected by scripts, quests, or dialog. In the "extended" version, i made it so that not only is the Overseer's 10mm Pistol the clean variant, but all Vault-issue 10mm Pistols are suppressed. See [Silenced 10mm Pistols for Vault Dwellers](http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/18782 "Silenced 10mm Pistols for Vault Dwellers") for details. #### Parts of this mod are also implemented in [Fallout 3 Redux](http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/18171 "Fallout 3 Redux")




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Key Authors
mesh and clean texture
weathered texture
suppressor mesh and texture
Leif Runenritzer
compilation and implementation
Lila Mue
texture masks


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Edited in Milkshape 3D. Converted in Blender and Nifskope.

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