Blueguile's Black & Brushed Chrome Deadric Armor

A Skin Mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Re-skinned the Deadric armor to be a bit more light reflective.

I decided to change the Deadric armor to look more menacing and making it a hi-res skin. I also used Nif Scope and a YouTube tutorial to change the armor glow. I made it bigger and added red glow to the eyes. I have included the meshes in the download as well. The boot texture has been redone so the boot tread is completely across the bottom of the boot.



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    It's a great looking skin however I feel the skulls on the back of the boots we're a bit unnecesarry
  • 5y
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    Member Joined 6y
    it looks nice but doesn't fit since deadric was more dark and black not white.


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    Mini eats butts
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    Exploding breast avatar man? you're alive?

    As for the submission, your version looks much better and less empty. Unfortunately I don't have skyrim to test it and give an honest rating, but judging from the screenshots I'd give it a 9.5
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    For The Rebellion!
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    Cool re-texture mate! But it looks too noisy, maybe you added too much normal mapped noise. Other than that great work! I want to see more from you so keep up!


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83 bScore
9.4 Rating

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Development Info

The programs I used to make this skin are: Photoshop CS6 and NifScope. I also used this tutorial to change the amount of armor glow:


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