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Timittytim's L96A1

A Skin Mod for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Fixed some smoothing because it was a mess
Fixed some texture misalignments because they were a mess
made W_model
Made new choice of origins
new render
new screens

Hacked the Scope from the 550 and put it onto the awp

Also moved the weapon model across to fix the position that the hand was holding the weapon which is found on GO animated snipers so now it feels really sturdy.

Great animations, and the gun suits the origins perfectly

comes with a green or yellow tinted version.

hope it suits some peoples tastes.



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    Great skin! To me, the re-originated version is better but both are fine. By the ways, I think this would also serve as a great addition as a Steyor Scout if someone converts it.


    RIP TheNeXusCore
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    The Art of Shaping
    > **Posted by Eugene** > You're still alive???? Wow. Great submission. No, he was alive a month ago, and this skin was resubmited by natko, NOT by timittytim. ask natko if you don't believe me.
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    Still thrashin'
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    You're still alive???? Wow. Great submission.
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    this site is dead
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    Pls this masterpiece need to be in CZ Sir.
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Timittytim Joined 13y ago
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