Insurgency Weapons For Gmod 13

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Hallo Dort... Another addon done by Siminov ** **Controls** ** To Switch weapons, you must first holster the weapon, then you are able to switch to another weapon. To use weapons, you must spawn the corresponding ammo for the selected weapon, or it will not select. Make sure to reload a weapon before you fire it. Left Click= Fire Right Click= Ironsights E + R = Drop Weapon E + Right Click= Change Firemode OR Deploy / Undeploy E + Left Click= Holster R key = rrerr ** **Current List Of Weapons** ** - Kalashnikov AK-47 - Kalashnikov AKS-74U - Rifle Bayonet - Colt M1911 - FN FAL - KA-BAR - Endfield L42A1 - Colt M4A1 - Colt M4A1 Scoped - Beretta M9 - Springfield M14 - Colt M16A4 - Colt M16A4 / M203 - M18 Smoke - M67 Frag Grenade - FN M249 SAW - Benelli M1014 - Makarov - RGD5 Frag Grenade - Kalashnikov RPK - Simonov SKS - Dragunov SVD - RPG - TOZ-194 ** **Features** ** - Ironsights - Deployable Weapons - Empty Idles, Empty and Standard Reloads - Unique sounds, Fire AND reload - Correct W Models which include working physics boxes, correctly placed shell eject and muzzleflashes. - Switchable Firemodes - Stereo Sounds - Addons Format - Spawn Icons - Standalone Shell Eject, not the shitty css type. - Realistic Damage - Realistic Accuracy - Realistic Fire Rate - Highly Modified Version of Mad Cows Base - Realistic Names - Realistic Capacity - Custom Ammo - Custom Weight Mod ** **Extras** ** In the admin options menu, there are now many settings. Key: Lowest Value - Default - Highest Value - Damage Multiplier 0-1-10 - Recoil Multiplier 0-1-10 - Accuracy Multiplier 0-1-2 - Walk Speed 0-250-1000 - Run Speed 0-500-1000 - Manual Holster On/Off - Weight Mod On/Off - Muzzle Flash On/Off - Shell Eject On/Off - First Draw On/Off - Weapon Jamming On/Off




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Original Authors
Insurgency Team
Some great models to work with, good sounds, good textures.
Compiling, hexing, lua editing, W models, script edits, model edits, base edits.
Awesome advice and a Great teacher, 3rd person animation fix.
MAD COWS BASE (Learned to make sweps because of him).
For making yet another amazing banner!
[RIP]General Hobskins[FRAG]
Recent multiplayer sound fix :)


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Ammo is lost if a weapon is thrown away then picked up again. - Not a big deal for me

A weapon while reloading can have the animation cut off if you move while deployed. - Can't do much about this

Sound fade is broken

Aimpoint dot for M4A1 works sometimes


Just ask me. tracking pixel