MineCraft bow and arrow with old classic sounds

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Replacement for the semi. Includes original MineCraft sounds and a custom minimalistic crosshair.

MineCraft bow and arrow for Ace Of Spades ======================================= Includes gun (bow and arrow) tracer (single arrow) and casing (invisible) models, a crosshair and original MineCraft classic bow sounds. Authors ======================================= - Models and images created by Daniel_Laixer. - Original MineCraft old arrow shoot sound by Mojang AB (please check licence). Created reload sound using MineCraft files. INSTALATION INSTRUCIONS ======================================= 1. Extract the "MineCraft bow.zip" file anywhere on your computer. 2. Open the "Skin files" subfolder. 3. (_Optional_) Make a backup of the original game files so you can get back the original skins and sounds at any time. 5. Copy the three directories (kv6, png, wav) to the directory where AOS is installed, confirm mixing/ overwriting. 6. ??????? 7. Start playing!



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    > **Posted by The Freeman**

    > This is your first skin? Wow! This deserves a gold star or something. Really nice job. Welcome to AOSBanana.

    I'm glad you like it :)

    Before I made this I've been learning how to use SLAB6 for a few days and took me several corrections to get to the final model (bow too small, misplaced arrow, the first semitracer arrow I modeled was backwards XD), but the overall job took me about half day.

    Thank you so much for your feedback, I will upload some more skins soon
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    This is actually pretty good.
    Me like.
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    This is your first skin? Wow! This deserves a gold star or something. Really nice job. Welcome to AOSBanana.


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    Nice bro i try it and look cool:)


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Key Authors
Model and crosshair creation
Mojang AB
Creator of the sound files


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Creative Commons License
These models are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. AUDIO FILES CREATED BY MOJANG AB. I DON'T OWN ANY RIGHT, THE CREATIVE COMMONS LICENCE ONLY APPLIES TO THE .KV6 MODEL FILES AND THE .PNG CROSSHAIR FILE
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