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OSJC's arm skins v2.1

A Skin Mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein

A selection of high-res skins of the arms, hands and legs for RTCW

OSJC's new player uniforms for RTCW A bunch of new uniforms for the player view model hands/arms and legs... more than A single skin this collection of skins has been designed to work independantly of each other and have been given a numerical designation to ease use, simply copy and paste the skin of your choice to your main folder to use! z_zarms1 = Basically a high detailed version of the arms, legs and hand in the original US army rangers colour scheme. but this time without gloves. z_zarms2 = covertly lurk amongst the trees in this German 'Splinter' camo pattern jacket and green pants. z_zarms3 = Blend into your enviroment with this jacket and pants in the German 'pea-dot' pattern camo. z_zarms4 = comfortably prowl the arctic tundra in this matching jacket/pants snow suit, keeping your hands warm in matching gloves too. z_zarms5 = Dissapear into the night and strike from the shadows in this charcoal grey 'night-strike' jacket and pants, featuring leather gloves and grey sweater sleeves under jacket.




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Key Authors
OSJC Latchford
skin artist


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Development Info

after ad released the bjskin with tehsnake's hands and my sleeves I realised how crap my sleeves were, so time for a remix! I've altered the hands a bit too... the idea is that each skin is for each section of the game; ranger for escape/crypts, splinter for rocket/air base, pea-dot for kugelstadt, snow for norway/xlabs and night-strike for the dam/final missions... its a shame i don't know how to get rtcw to load each one with each block of levels eh? although designed for rtcw theres no reason not to use any of these in enemy territory either! please enjoy and feel free to mix and match or to alter and improve!
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