HHG Arms Armbreaker .50 BMG

A Skin Mod for Fallout: New Vegas

4th Place (Tie) Oddities

“ Both very odd, one-of-a-kind weapons! Great concepts, but could have both benefited from more texture detail or texture effects. ”

A custom break action .50 BMG pistol for Fallout: New Vegas.

*********************** * HHG Arms Armbreaker * *********************** 1. What? A mod that adds a fully animated single break action .50 BMG hand gun to the wasteland with three modifications. It is obviously a bit of a game changer balance wise if you start a new character and use it, so use at your own discretion... though it has a "quirk" that will prevent new characters from using it effectively. The three optional modifications it comes with is a compensator, a LAM, and a very fictional and unrealistic under-barrel hydraulic recoil system. This mod is considered to be completed, so it is also considered "Final" and unsupported. Don't bother to make feature requests or bug reports. 2. Where? You'll find it, the mods, and some ammo for it in Victor's Shack. It, nor its mods, are added to the leveled lists/vendor lists so it is a one of a kind but repairable with hunting revolvers. 3. Why? Was a request by a friend who wanted to see a .50 BMG hand cannon in the game, so I came up with a mish-mash of gun inspirations and put them together. This was some pretty quick work from everyone involved, so comments on quality are not only unwanted, they're unwarranted - we know it's not realistic and not very well done. I think the total manhours spent on this thing artistically probably hangs in the 1-3 area. Realism was obviously not something we were remotely shooting for due to the fudgey graphics FO3/FNV has by default. 4. How? Modeled and unwrapped by me Textured by safetyhammer "Quirk" scripted by PoliceAutomaton Extract the contents to your [Game Installation Location]\Data\ folder. To remove, delete the Armbreaker.esp file as well as the Armbreaker folders within the meshes and textures folders. 5. Permissions Use it however. Credit us, don't credit us - we can't stop you anyway so why waste energy worrying over it? We didn't make it to put it under a glass jar and admire. Use it, play with it, and enjoy it. Feel free to retexture it in a more realistic fashion for use in other game engines though, I'd love to use it in other games. Hopefully my quick unwrap is satisfactory. 6. Thanks to... You, for using it. Bethesda for making open ended worlds for modders to play around in. Obsidian for making a pretty rad game. My Happy Happy Gecko buds. My molerat boob fans. The awesome folks at Niftools for their tools and continued support of them. The judges at Gamebanana for choosing me as the #1 winner for the Oddities contest. (heh heh)
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    If you downloaded this BEFORE February 23, 2012, please redownload the archive. A critical animation bug was reported that was masked by the use of an animation replacer I was using that was automatically fixing it. Without this other mod, the hammer on the gun will float above the gun. This new version should fix that, as well as adjust some balancing concerns and provide a script-less version of the gun.
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Key Authors
Modeler/UV Wrapper
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Development Info

Tools used: Lightwave 9.6 Photoshop CS5 Nifskope G.E.C.K. No future plans for it, it's completed. Feel free to port this to other games, retexture it, improve it, add to it, etc.


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Use it however you want to; credit us or don't. We're too poor and apathetic to stop you anyway. Just enjoy it, that's all we ask.




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