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Wildcard's Map Reviews #009

Game: CS:S ZM
Map by: Nail89
Review by: Wildcard777

Night time is a scary period of the day. You never know what could be lurking behind you. You grow fond of your only source of light; the flashlight. Some noises are over yonder, but it could only be a harmless animal right? The crows are flying away and it just got darker. The crickets stop chirping and it just became quiet. Hold tight to your gun, because you are in for one hell of a night!

Screenshot of the map.

The Ambiance

Your coordinates are all foggy, literally. You are surrounded by fog in the deep dark era of the night. You find yourself in some type of swamp. Your only shelter is an abandoned house, barn, mill, and a burned down house. This map is full of ambiance and will frighten those weak at heart.

The Team Balance

Well in zombie mod you work together as a team. I'd the spawns are placed fairly in the middle of the map so nothing is too far to reach. Work together to hold off the onslaught of zombies and barricade your shelter.

The Design

Top notch design work. This map is and feels like an abandoned swamp/bayou. It is hard to see what is in front of you. So be sure to use your radar to find companions.

Inside the mill.

The Detail

The detail is really nicely put together. From the sounds of the crickets to the crow talk; this map is a horrifying adventure. The lighting is also really well put together where you will need to use your flashlight often just to see where you and your enemies are. This has got to be one of the best zombie mod maps I have seen that has actually pulled off a scary theme. My hat goes off to this author who finally understands how a scary map should look and feel.

The Fun

I guarantee you that this map will be fun on any server. You will crap your pants over and over and someone will drop f-bombs over the mic from being so scared. This feeling of being scared is the fun. The thrill of hiding from the zombies in the shadows of the night. Everyone running like morons and trying to survive this horror.

The Sound

A cricket chirping noise is heard all over the map. Occasionally you will hear crows in the far off distance. These sound files are well thought out and placed. The crickets are perfect because of the swamp/bayou theme and they are always found there in the musk. Also the crows are nice in the distance because of the dead trees around the outside of the map. Other than the sounds that come with the mod, these are a nice addition.

Swampy area in the map.

The Lighting

Not many lights are placed around this map. I do like this because it is meant to be scary. You are meant to use our flashlight and be scared. All horror themed maps or anything has a dark lighting to it because we associate our fears with the dark. So the little lighting is helping the detail and the mood of this map. I love it!

Personal Note

With fog comes lag. With a shit load of fog comes a shit load of lag. Luckily you are not rendering the whole map at one time while walking around. Because of that, you do not lag that much (at least I did not). Although, if you get a full server playing this map then you will experience some sort of lag. So be weary of that. That is about the only negative I can find with this map. It is not perfectly optimized, but if you have a get-together with some friends then you should be able to run this fine.

Overall I really like this map. The author understands horror and professionally displayed it. I will not be surprised to find this map pop up on some ZM servers and I hope to join them sometime. This map get's a well deserving 9.6/10 from me. Great work!

Download the map here!


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Pros & Cons

  • Ambiance
  • Team Balance
  • Design
  • Detail
  • Fun
  • Sound
  • Lighting


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