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Wario Land 4 Voice

A Request for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Been playing through Wario Land 4 recently and I thought hearing his voice clips in smash would be pretty neat. I would try to do this myself but every tutorial I've found on this topic is hot garbage so if someone made it that would be very appreciative <3

I have a pack of his voice clips downloaded if anyone's interested in making this so just message me on how I should give them to you!

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Makin Bacon 20 points I put the donation in the wrong spot whoops lol, here you go _Eddsen_ 3mo

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_Eddsen_ 20 points 3mo


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. The voice clips aren't too loud or quiet


  • 3mo
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    Makin Bacon Joined 6y ago
    I actually made a Wario Land 4 voice pack a while back, but I haven't logged on to Gamebanana in ages. Gimme just a little and I'll upload it!
  • 3mo
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    not thicc
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    As the creator of the Wario Land 4 recolors, I'd love for this to happen.
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  • 3mo
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    I almost thought this was for a WL4-based recolor mod, and I was gonna say, "It's already been made...".

    Then I read the full title.

    Remember Kids: It pays not to jump the gun and to read the full title of something...
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_Eddsen_ with 20 points


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Apr 6th, 2018
@ 1:18 am GMT+0000


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