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A Request for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Okay so heres the order
Scout as Link
Soldier as Captain Falcon
Pyro as Ryu
Demoman as Donkey Kong
Heavy as Ganondorf
Engineer as Mario
Medic as Dr Mario
Sniper as Shulk
Spy as Robin
Miss Pauling as Zero Sut Samus
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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. The Models (which you might need to get the game and the Pauling Model)
  2. Portrait icons (Which is the vgui from the game but you can google them and get them)
  3. Make the red and blue and other colors that the characters have


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    Just curious, where are your ideas for which classes/characters coming from? I can see the logic for some of them, like medic over doc mario and pyro as ryu, but others I can't really tell. Sniper seems like he would make more sense over Link, I don't get why he'd be over Shulk. Same deal with spy/robin, demo/dk, and engi/mario. 
    y tho
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    Engineer as Mario and Medic for Dr. Mario would be weird.

    They don't have the  same body shape and they'd be way shorter than everybody else.


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Mar 6th, 2018
@ 9:41 am GMT+0000


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