Swapping Specific Omegas with the Standard Stage

A Request for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)

I know this is possible, but i'm not sure exactly how. I have Yoshi's Story on DK64 omega, and i want to have it where when I normally select it (without pressing x) I get Yoshi's Story.

Can I get a general walkthrough of how to do this, since this is not the only stage I want to do this on?

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  1. A walkthrough of how to edit the SSS selection so the Omega stage is the default when picked.
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    It's pretty simple, go to Entry 10 for Kongo Jungle N64, go to row 8, & 9 copy the Omega Stage ID them, & paste them in row 6, & 7, & finally save...!
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    What's so bad about just pressing the button?
    It's not that hard, I don't see why you'd need this.
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Nov 3rd, 2017
@ 11:04 am GMT+0000


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