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A Request for Half-Life 2

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I was looking on the Garrysmod workshop and saw the addon for enhanced citizens. It included various face skins for each citizen model. I thought, what if someone used this for Half-life 2 and include a RNG system that randomizes each citizen model face?  So, I make a request for someone to create this kind of addon if possible. Also, I want it to include the Black mesa scientist citizen heads, and maybe the left for dead 1 and 2 cast as citizens.  this is just for the faces of the citizens, the outfits (citizen, refugee, rebel and rebel medic) will be default so that it can be compatible with other mods that change them.

enhanced citizen mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...

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    you can try rng textures,people do it with l4d2.
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    Ficoolz is right I'm afraid, I've thought about it too and tried to look into it but doing does require editing the maps. I've been thinking of a cheap way of giving a sense of variety by giving each Male and Female model a different model or hex the existing ones to allow different skins. I was working on something like that before my OS goofed up and lost all my data. Only thing is I'll have to ask around a bunch of modders for permission or at least credit them if they can't be reached.

    But in terms of a RNG system and adding additional Male and Female Models, not possible unless if the maps and stuff were edited.
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    Dang typos.
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    Not possible without editing every single map file and script
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    Somewhat inactive modder.


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Nov 12th, 2017
@ 11:15 pm GMT+0000


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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. A RNG system for citizens facemaps
  2. possibly include Black mesa citizens in current HL2 citizen roster
  3. maybe include Left for dead 1 and 2 cast
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