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A Request for Team Fortress 2

The thing I love about SCA (separate custom animations) is that it's customizable. For example, I could combine Valve flamethrower animations, with G)-(OST CAGE's shotgun animations, and [N-Cognito]'s fire axe animations. Paysus stopped using SCA more than a year ago because it didn't work on Valve servers back then. Ever since all custom animations were removed from the sv_pure whitelist, combined custom animations (CCA) have been a direct downgrade to SCA. I just hope it's possible to separate CCA into SCA.  
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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. A properly working tool that separates a mdl file into sca.
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    It's possible, but it takes just as much work as remaking SCA from the ground up. It'd be easier to just ask the author to release an SCA versionn, but I'd doubt they'd want to go through the work for it.
    Who even finishes mods, right?
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  • Yes! Make This!
    Ded, not big surprise
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    Wait, you could combine animations in SCA??? 0_o I COULD'VE USED THAT!!!
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Oct 16th, 2017
@ 6:14 am GMT+0000


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