Mecha Sonic over Samus (SMBZ)

A Request for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Two models which can be use : Cartoon or custom 

EDIT: Also, if someone is courageous... That model could be recreated (I can't find a download for it)

'Was playing Samus VS Yoshi just few hours ago onto Tower of Heaven... And then I remember two famous battles...

In Super Mario Bros Z, Mecha Sonic has a movest really close to Samus in Sm4sh :

-He use a cannon
-He fires missiles (Yes, in THAT battle)
-He can get into a ball
-He also fights in close combat
-He uses a jet pack
-Taller than Sonic

The only difference is the speed of Mecha Sonic compared to Samus' (and his top tier power).

Bounty Recipients

The members below were awarded the Request bounty.

jumbohotdogs100 200 points S-77 12d
Erroneous-Saiko 300 points S-77 12d
jumbohotdogs100 300 points S-77 22d

Bounty Contributors

S-77 37 points 12d
jumbohotdogs100 134 points 25d
S-77 100 points 25d
jumbohotdogs100 74 points 27d
jumbohotdogs100 55 points 27d
NotATiger 100 points 28d
S-77 153 points 29d
jumbohotdogs100 24 points 30d
S-77 100 points 1mo
jumbohotdogs100 33 points 1mo
jumbohotdogs100 50 points 1mo
TriforceCrimson 20 points 1mo
S-77 20 points 1mo


  • 11d
    id say that Saiko deserves the last 100 points :) he worked wonderfully and certainly earned it
    The Holy Waffle Eater
  • 27dEdited 27d
    there is now a WIP page and a thread to this project, both of which id appreciate feedback for. I'm hoping to get this exported correctly, tho I'm sorta stuck on the parts after 3ds max. its a bit more detailed elsewhere  WIP  thread
    Mecha Sonic in a ball pretty much is comprised of 8 large, spiked, metal shells with a sort of chrome circle/sphere in the center of them. the best way to reference it is to simply look up some Mecha Sonic sprites, as that's how he originated
    • Interesting x 1
    • Thanks x 1
    The Holy Waffle Eater
  • 30d
    Mecha sonic is not from Super Mario Bros Z. He is from Sonic and Knuckles.
    • Agree x 1
  • 1moEdited 1mo
    Metalex123 avatar
    Metalex123 Offline
    Member Joined 1y
    917 points Ranked 5151st
    Okay, I now really want this mod to get made! Also, I think the one that looks more like the sprite one sounds better (but with new textures so it looks better instead of being a bunch of sprites on a 3d model)

    PS: What about the reboot's version, Metallix?

    EDIT: I just noticed that the pixelated 3d model is not available for download... Aww man, and I really wanted to see that model...
    I'm bored...
  • 1mo
    TriforceCrimson avatar
    Member Joined 1y
    165 points Ranked 20439th
    Yo, this would be my favorite mod...
    We tech those.
  • 1mo
    lemmingscanfly avatar
    Member Joined 6mo
    280 points Ranked 14087th
    I wanted to put htromak's model into the 3DS version, but it's impossible to download.
  • 1moEdited 1mo
    KuromeWave avatar
    KuromeWave Offline
    Member Joined 5mo
    674 points Ranked 6763rd
    I think it'd be much better if Nibroc.Rock's Mecha Sonic was used in this scenario. Those other two don't have too much of a "cartoon" style to them. Also, I could whip up a voice for him for Samus (yes, for Samus) if this actually gets done.
    • Agree x 7
    • Interesting x 2
    • Win x 2
    • Cookie x 1
    Delusion is a tricky mirror. avatar
    Delusion is a tricky mirror.
  • 1mo
    NotATiger avatar
    NotATiger Offline
    Member Joined 10mo
    914 points Ranked 5169th
    This would be so awesome. Mecha Sonic is my favorite "Metallic Sonic Clone" of all time and putting him over Samus would be absolutely brilliant.
    Huh? Wait, you mean me?
  • 1mo
    I'd prefer him over Sonic so that 1) the voice mod I made ages ago will have some proper use and 2) cant do much of a good voice mod for Samus so it'd be meh imo 
    Death to all!


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Nov 1st, 2017
@ 11:30 am GMT+0000


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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Mecha Sonic skin over Samus
  2. Voice and Sound effect

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