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Operation : half-life source

A Request for Half-Life: Source

Operation : Half- Life Source 
It means that the target is : half-life source
Why don't we all fix half-life source?
let's all unit and fix it..
We have to.
Don't say just play black mesa or something.
half-life source is a great port of the original amazing game with a bunch of fixes and improvements here it is :
improved water.
ragdoll physics.
new ambient sounds.
new doors , buttons ,etc sounds.
much much easier to script thanks to source.
improved lightning.
added reflections.
would look much better than the original with graphic mods.
supports particle system.
improved blood.
physics system.
sitting scientists and barney aren't invincible anymore you can kill them (in the original you can't)
bullet impact system (if you hit wood it will sound like wood act like wood,etc)
has half-life 1's amazing ai (and it's improved as well unlike black mesa)
has half-life 1's detail on everything.
improved footstep sounds (hl2 footstep sounds)
and much much more...
but sadly valve broke more than what they fixed in 2013.
let's all share and post our fixes here on this request.
we are the only hope left.
be wise be safe,
Gamer Dude


In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Share and post fixes and improvements in the comment section.



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Mar 12th, 2018
@ 8:43 pm GMT+0000


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