Character taunt Ui

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So I thought this would be interesting, not only would it be much easier for less skilled people to make Ui with using the Green screen stage mod, but it would also add a whole new look to the portraits! It wouldnt be to hard to do and with a group of people doing a character each, it could be done. Thanks for reading and hopefully this gets done at some point


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    I'm actually doing something similar to this. I just haven't decided to reveal is as a WIP because I didn't know if anybody would be interested and I didn't want to make it official just yet. Here's some of the ui I've done so far.
    And I've done all of the vanilla alternates plus a little more of all of these characters with matching poses.
    Not all of them will be taunts but rather whichever poses I decide look the best and capture the characters' personality and playstyle. They also will be looking to the right rather than at the camera.


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Jul 10th, 2017
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In order to win the bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Taunt csp's for all vanilla characters tracking pixel