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Black Mesa: Source Anomalous Materials replacement Ep 2 G-Man cutscene - A Request for Half-Life 2.

Title and picture


In order to receive the points bounty, you should fulfil the following requirements.

  1. Replace the area seen in picture from Ep 2 with area seen in picture from Black Mesa: Source

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The Bananites below were awarded the Request bounty.

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400 points Essentially did what I want, thanks a bunch! MaiYass avatar

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30 points 3y
BakSangHu 70 points 3y [ThatGenericPyro] 200 points 3y MaiYass avatar
80 points 3y
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20 points 3y
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    I started this last night for ya, I'll have it done soon
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    3y 3y
    This task seems pretty hard to do in my opinion, since the cut-scene is actually played in real time in the map as far as I know. So, to do this, someone may have to either: 1. Use Black mesa assets, make a new set for the ingame camera to fly around and recompile the whole map while making sure not to break the existing logic, or 2. Try to add a 2D screenshot/short film of the black mesa version to botch it, while still with acceptable results. In any way, I am pretty sure there is not way around having to decompile and recompile the whole map, which lord knows what other problems can come from that. All of that for a mere 300 points, I think most would pass, unless they want to do it for the challenge.
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